WATCH: Bonnie From Chicago Will Kick Your A** if You Mock Coronavirus

Bonnie from Chicago

Facebook Bonnie from Chicago

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in America, there seems to be nothing but continuous bad news on TV, and while practicing social distancing, it’s easy to feel sad and lonely. However, for anyone who saw Bonnie Tracy’s video posted on Facebook on Tuesday, it’s impossible to not have a smile plastered on your face.

The “nearly 75-year-old woman” as she described herself, shared her utmost unpleasant interaction at the grocery store which got her “dander up!” The Chicago native might look like a sweet elderly woman, and she is, but she’s also tough as nails and has zero time for a random woman yelling at her that coronavirus is a political hoax. Especially, like Bonnie notes, because her daughter, who works at the hospital, is risking her own life every day to help others.

“I went to Mariano’s today, minding my own business,” Bonnie says. “And there were these women in line, and I had a cart, I said ‘excuse me’ [lifting her jacket collar up to cover her mouth since they were standing so close] and she proceeded to yell at me said I was crazy – what was wrong with me, that this was not a pandemic, that this was a political hoax.”

“And of course,” Bonnie continued. “She got my Southside polish dander up, which I should just kept on walking but…”

“I said, ‘If you’re not afraid, then why don’t you go to China and help people,’ and she said ‘Why don’t you BITCH.’ And I said, ‘Well, I would but I have no money.'”

“But at that point, I had to walk away because I thought about my daughter working at hospitals trying to save lives with this pandemic… and i thought this woman has no idea that I’m almost 75 but I’m from Chicago and I will gladly tap her on the shoudler and step outside and “KICK HER BLEACH BLONE 50-YEAR OLD A**.”

[Mic drop]

Before signign off, Bonnie said, “God bless. take care of yourself this is a pandemic. I love you all goodbye.” But like grandmothers around the nation, the video continued on for a few more minutes, because she couldn’t figure out how to shut the video off. Bless her tough Chicago heart.

Twitter Has Bonnie’s Back – She’s An Online ‘Hero’ Amid COVID-19

One user online tweeted, “BONNIE YOU WIN THE INTERNET TODAY!!!!” While Rex Chapman tweeted, “If you have one incredibly passionate Coronavirus clip to watch today — this is definitely the one…”

Bonnie, a retired owrker for Merck & Co, a pharmaceutical company, is the Internet celebrity the world needs right now.

Some users online wished she took things a few steps further. One person tweeted, “Should’ve gave her a real old school Chicago style ass whooping Bonnie.”

Another person explained in one tweet exactly why Bonnie’s video went viral, for she appears to go through so many different emotions in less than two minutes. “Bonnie from Chicago checks in with a 3-part journey in a nice, tight, producer-friendly 1:25 looklive.”

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