Will Fiesta San Antonio Be Canceled for the Coronavirus?

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After SXSW was canceled in Austin, Texas, people who were planning to go to Fiesta San Antonio are now wondering if their April festival is going to be canceled too. So far the festival is still on, but the festival’s future and possible cancelation is being discussed every day. Here’s what we know so far.

Fiesta San Antonio Is Still Scheduled But That Might Change

Fiesta San Antonio 2020 is a big event in San Antonio every year that runs from April 16 to April 26. At this point in time, the event is not canceled. But that could change, as SXSW attendees have learned.

So far, all signs point to the 11-day event continuing, KENS5 reported. Amy Shaw, executive director of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission, told KENS5: “As of now though there is no reason to cancel large gatherings because we haven’t had a single community-based transition of COVID-19.”

But the possibility of cancelation hasn’t been ruled out. Mayor Roy Nirenberg told KTSA that the Fiesta’s future is an “ongoing conversation every day up until the very start of Fiesta.”

Austin also hadn’t had a community-based case of COVID-19 when SXSW was canceled. But that event draws hundreds of thousands from all over the world and many companies had pulled out before the event was officially canceled.

Shaw said that Fiesta San Antonio doesn’t attract the same numbers that SXSW does, and the majority of the people who attend Fiesta events are from San Antonio.

Fiesta San Antonio includes Taste of the Republic on April 16 showcasing Texas cuisine, a Fiesta carnival, a military parade on April 17, entertainment at the Market Square, Dia en la Sombrilla, a flower show, an oyster bake, a public crowning, a masquerade party, a 5K walk and parade, and more.

Two Petitions Seek To Cancel the Fiesta

Two petitions have been circulating on Change.org seeking to cancel Fiesta San Antonio.

The first has just 39 signatures as of the time of publication. It’s called “Cancel San Antonio Fiesta due to Coronavirus Pandemic” and notes that with crowds of 2.5 million, the event should be called off. One person who signed the petition wrote: “Austin was smart and cancelled SXSW due to too high a risk of spreading coronavirus to Austinites. Now we San Antonians must so the same and cancel Fiesta 2020. It’s the most prudent thing to do.”

The other petition has just 29 signatures so far and is called “Cancel Fiesta San Antonio 2020.” This petition was started by Irene Cantu. Cantu wrote on the petition: “Thousands upon thousands of people travel from all over the country, and internationally to attend Fiesta San Antonio every year. With local spread occurring in other parts of the country, and as close as Houston will 11 cases, it is just a matter of time before San Antonio becames affected.”

San Antonio Local Hosting a Musical Event after SXSW’s Cancelation

After SXSW was canceled, Adrian Martinez wants to host his own musical event in San Antonio. Martinez plans to have his event on March 13 from 5:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. and he expects more than 2,000 guests, My San Antonio reported. Martinez, who owns Smoke BBQ, said his event will be free and he’s calling it the Smoke BBQ Music Festival. The event will be headlined by Angel Cintron, a singer from San Antonio.

Austin, meanwhile, has banned events with more than 2,500 people without special permission. These events are restricted until May 1 after the city declared a “local state of disaster.” Exceptions will be made for events with specific mitigation plans.

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