Galveston Fire: See Live Videos, Photos & Location

Galveston Fire

A large grass fire is burning in Galveston, Texas on Saturday night and is expected to continue burning into the morning. The fire is so large that it’s gotten a lot of attention on social media. Read on to learn more details about the fire and to see photos and videos.

The fire was first spotted around 8:30 p.m. near the Beachtown subdivision, The Daily News reported. At the moment, east winds appear to be pushing the fire away from buildings and no homes or structures are in danger, so no evacuation orders have been given. Of course, if you are near this region, it’s best to stay tuned to your local news for updates.

The brush fire is located in the region between Boddeker Road, Apffel Park Road, and south of Seawall Boulevard, The Daily News reported. It was about 20 acres in size when crews first responded. You can see a live video from Saltwater-Recon below. If this video goes down, look for a new video at Saltwater-Recon’s Facebook page here. This angle is from the Galveston SkyCam South.

Here’s another live stream from Saltwater-Recon from a different angle using the Seawolf Park Cam.

The Emerald Cam also shows live shots of the fire that are periodically updated. The live video cam is here.

Here’s a clip from the Emerald Cam.

The Houston and Galveston regions have already been dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, so this has not been an easy time for Galveston, Texas.

Here’s another photo.

In some photos, you could see a cruise ship in the background.

More sets of photos here:

Here’s a photo from another angle.

At the moment, no evacuations have been issued and no buildings are in the fire’s path. But if you are in the region, stay tuned to your local news for updates.

This isn’t the only emergency that first responders in the region have been dealing with. Galveston County reported 13 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday and the Galveston Fire Department reported its first positive case, KHOU 11 reported. Twenty-six crew members were at home waiting on test results. Fire stations remain operational and the county issued a stay-at-home order earlier in the week. In addition, five people working in the fire administration building of League City tested positive, The Daily News reported. These were not first responders.