Jack Allard: Bates College Lacrosse Star in Critical Condition With Coronavirus

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Bates College Jack Allard, a former lacrosse player for Bates College, is in a medically induced coma after testing positive for coronavirus.

Jack Allard, a 2016 graduate of Bates College and former two-time All-American lacrosse player, is in critical condition after contracting the coronavirus, according to a report in The Bates Student. Allard, 25, fell ill on March 13, the student newspaper reports. He is now in a medically-induced coma.

Allard’s early symptoms included vomiting, back pain, and fever, according to The Bates Student. He reportedly had trouble getting tested for COVID-9, and his family reached out to Congressman Josh Gottheimer, as well as the hospital administration in his native New Jersey, in order to expedite the process.

The Bates Student tells a horror story of his family’s efforts to get Allard access to the drugs they think he needs to get well:

Neither the hospital nor the family ever learned what became of the first test; it is presumed to have been lost. A second test was sent to a different lab last Saturday, and Jack finally received a positive confirmation for COVID-19 later that day, almost five days after the initial test. Yet, by the time the result was available, access to Remdesivir had been halted.

Here’s what you need to know:

Allard, 25, Is Described by His Mother as the ‘Healthiest Person,’ With No Underlying Health Conditions

Jack Allard

Pictured: Jack Allard’s athlete photo for Bates College.

In an interview with The Bates Student, Allard’s mother, Genny Allard, said that her son is extremely healthy, and has no underlying health complications which would put him at higher risk of experiencing severe symptoms with coronavirus.

To the student publication, she said, “Jack is the healthiest person I know, he’s not over weight, he exercises weekly, he’s an All-American lacrosse player at Bates and he continues to play lacrosse. He has nothing. He’s not asthmatic, he’s completely healthy, he’s 25 years old, turning 26 in a couple of weeks.”

Allard was the top scorer for his lacrosse team for the 2014, ’15, and ’16 seasons. His athlete bio shows numerous awards and decorations for his athletic career.

Jack Allard



Allard has worked at Bank of America for just under five years. According to his LinkedIn, he worked as an analyst for three years and eight months, and was working as an equities analyst for the bank when he fell sick.

During his time at Bates, Allard majored in Politics and minored in Rhetoric. In the time since he graduated, he had been commuting into New York City while living at home with his family in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

In an interview with a local newspaper in Ridgewood, Genny said she couldn’t believe how difficult it had been for her son to get a positive test result for coronavirus, and how those multiple wasted days had prevented him from getting access to remsdesivir.

Jack Allard Bates Coronavirus

According to The New York TimesGilead, the drug maker for remsdesivir, shut down its emergency access program this week. The company said it did so in order to create a broader access program in the weeks to come, but many patients, like Allard, are currently unable to access the drug at all.

To The Times, Genny said, “We have heard zero. We know nothing. I’m just, like, apoplectic at this point. I have a kid who is sick and the doctor wants to give him the next medicine that is supposed to help.”

To be clear, experts have not confirmed whether the drug definitely works against coronavirus. Many trials are currently underway to study the efficacy of the drug in treating coronavirus, including a large trial helmed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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