What Makes Luke Bryan’s Married Life with Wife Caroline Boyer Work

Luke Bryan & Caroline Boyer

Getty Luke Bryan & Caroline Boyer

Luke Bryan is constantly on tour, so how do he and his wife, Caroline Boyer, make their marriage work? The country star recently told In Touch Weekly that Boyer works hard to keep herself busy with her own projects.

“One of the most important things that I’m really proud of her is that she creates her own life too. But when it comes to her own endeavors and her own life, she really prides herself on having that going for her rather than everything [being] about trying to chase me around doing things.”

He adds, “We go do our thing, and when we meet back, we really try and make it quality time with the family.”

Boyer Helped Create ‘Brett’s Barn’

When she isn’t accompanying her husband to red carpet events, Boyer is helping run the couple’s farm in Tennessee, called Brett’s Barn.

The farm was established in February 2017 in honor of Boyer’s late niece. Speaking to Taste of Country in 2018, Bryan said of the farm, “Caroline loves it. It’s just been really amazing watching my wife really enjoy doing this.”

The website for Brett’s Barn reads, “Brett’s Barn is the result of a promise that Caroline Bryan made to her niece, Sadie Brett Boyer. That promise was that she would buy her a pony. And, she did. A precious white miniature pony named Kilo was the first animal to call Brett’s Barn home. Since then, many more animals have come to the barn and are a gentle symbol of Brett’s life and the love shared for her by so many.”

They Have 2 Kids & Later Adopted 3 More

Not long after they got married, Caroline gave birth to her and Luke’s first child, Thomas Boyer Bryan. Two years later, they welcomed their son, Tatum.

In a very sad turn of events, Luke’s brother-in-law passed away in 2014. His sister had died unexpectedly seven years earlier, and when Ben died, that left the couple’s three children without parents. Luke and Caroline adopted them.

Caroline tells Country Living, “We never thought twice about [adopting the kids]. You know, it was never something that he and I had to sit down and talk about. ‘Should we take this on?’ We just did that.”

Still, Bryan admits it wasn’t easy going from having two young sons to raising a teenager. In 2017, he told People, “I woke up one day and I’m raising a teen. And it’s a challenge because my main thing with Til is just properly giving the right amount of advice and realizing you’re talking to someone who is becoming an adult. I have to be that parent role where if he does something, he needs to get in trouble, but I want to be a friend to him too.”

Luke and Caroline met at Georgia Southern University when Caroline was a freshman and Luke was a senior. They dated briefly then split before reconnecting five years later. The couple married in December 2006.

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