Live Minnesota Democratic Primary Results: Biden Wins

Minnesota primary results

Getty Who's winning the Minnesota Democratic primary?

Biden has won the Minnesota Democratic primary, according to confirmed reports by multiple outlets. The race was called relatively early in the evening on Super Tuesday. Many have speculated that Biden got some level of boost in Minnesota, given that he recently received the endorsement of Minnesota Sen. (and former presidential candidate) Amy Klobuchar.

There were 75 delegates in Minnesota up for grabs for the Democratic presidential candidates.

A candidate needs at least 1,991 delegates to receive the nomination. You can read more about how the delegate system works in a presidential election here. 

Speaking to supporters on Tuesday evening at a rally in Los Angeles, Biden said, “They don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing…it’s still early, but things are looking awful, awful good.”

He continued, “For those who have been knocked down, counted out, left behind, this is your campaign.”

Below you’ll find a live results tracker, as well as info on polling and delegates for the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Democratic Primary Results — Updated Live

Heavy has partnered with Decision Desk to show the live results of the Minnesota Democratic primary as they come in. You can see the results below by clicking on the state of Minnesota.


Polls Going into Super Tuesday Suggested a Sanders/Biden Battle for First Place

According to The New York Times, Sanders had the highest win probability going into Super Tuesday for Minnesota, based on recent polls. His probability was estimated to be at 53%. Closely following him was Biden, with a win probability of 41%.

Before Klobuchar dropped out of the race, several polls showed her to be ahead in Minnesota by several points. Now that she’s out, many might be wondering where those Klobuchar fans will go. They could go to Biden, the person Klobuchar endorsed and a fellow moderate, or they could also go to Warren, the lone female candidate remaining in the race.

According to an Edison’s Research Poll, half of the voters in this Minnesota poll said they only made up their mind in the last few days, regarding who they were going to vote for. Of those voters, the majority of them said they were going to vote for Biden.

How Many Delegates Does Minnesota Have?

Minnesota has 75 delegates up for grabs for the Democratic primary. The state will send another 17 superdelegates to the convention in July. Though those delegates won’t have to “pledge” their support to anyone on Super Tuesday, it’s worth noting that Klobuchar is one of those superdelegates, and has already pledged her support for Biden.

So in one way, Biden is entering Super Tuesday with the confirmed support of one of the Minnesota superdelegates.

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