Nashville Tornado Deaths: How Many Victims Died?

nashville tornado deaths

Getty How many deaths and victims were there from the Nashville tornado?

A major tornado ripped through downtown Nashville, Tennessee, and police are reporting that there were fatalities. How many victims died in the Nashville tornado?

The Governor said in a morning update that at least nine people have died across four counties. Governor Bill Lee added that an undetermined number of people are still missing. TEMA then reported that 19 people have died from the tornadoes throughout Middle Tennessee.

The death count then rose to 21.

“There’s a really good possibility that there may be more,” Lee said. “It’s early yet…A number of people are missing.” There are also injuries, the governor said in the press conference.

The death count continued to grow throughout the morning. Authorities are still sorting through the damage, but Nashville police wrote on Twitter that two people had died. Both were from East Nashville. The casualty count came on the morning of March 3, 2020 as the morning light illuminated the damage in the famous city. “Confirmed tornado northwest of Downtown Nashville. TAKE COVER NOW IF YOU ARE IN DAVIDSON, WILSON, OR SUMNER COUNTIES!” the National Weather Service’s Nashville office wrote in the early morning hours of March 3.

In addition, 1 person died in Benton County from the storms, a 67-year-old man in a mobile home, according to the Sheriff there, and there were at least three deceased victims in Putnam County. That means the death toll is up to at least six victims throughout the area. The Tennessean later reported that there is a seventh death. The governor then revised that to eight and then nine.

Fox News reported that there were about 40 building collapses in Nashville from the tornado.

According to The Tennessean, the Nashville mayor said, “A tornado skipped across the county. You do have people at the hospital and frankly there have been fatalities.”

“Two fatalities have been reported to the MNPD, the victims from East Nashville,” wrote Metro Nashville PD. Those victims have not yet been named, and additional details on them are not yet known.

Police also provided other information, including on road closures. “Road closures now in effect: Jefferson St Bridge westbound, Rosa L. Parks Blvd at Jefferson St., Main St btwn 8th & 10th Streets,” they reported on the morning of March 3, 2020.

Mayor John Cooper wrote that Nashville “is hurting, and our community has been devastated. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. Be sure to lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need, and let’s come together as a community once more. Together, we will get through this and come out stronger.”

Here’s what you need to know:

There Was an Urban Search & Rescue Operation Underway

On Tuesday morning, Nashville police wrote, “Day shift officers from 4 of the 8 precincts are being called in now to supplement the overnight shift. Officers who specialize in Urban Search and Rescue are also being called in.” The tornado struck around 1 a.m. in Nsshville.

Police also noted: “Officers and Fire Department personnel are on the scenes of multiple buildings with damage, primarily in the Central (downtown) & East Precincts. Emergency responders are working to ensure persons can get out and secure the areas.”

These efforts were focused in East Nashville, and people were asked to stay away from the affected neighborhoods. The court system was closed. “General Sessions Courts, incl Traffic Courts, are closed today per presiding Judge Lynda Jones,” wrote police. “State Trial Courts in Davidson County are closed today. There will be no jury trials today.”

Thousands of people were without power. “From the Emergency Ops Ctr: NES presently reports 47,800 customers without power, about half of those in the Hermitage area. Crews will be assessing issues & making repairs as day breaks,” wrote police.

The Nashville emergency management office reported the following on shelters and voting:

“Public Notice UPDATE: Hadley Park Community Center will be open for voting today at 7am and will NOT be a shelter location. The Centennial Sportsplex (222 25th Ave N) will serve as a shelter for that area and will open at 7am.”

“The Nashville’s Farmers Market has lost power. We are bringing in buses to transport those there to Centennial Sportsplex.”

“If you want to report a gas leak, please call 1-800-752-7504 for an expedited response.”

Metro schools reported: “District offices will be closed today and 12 month employees will not report unless otherwise notified by their supervisor.”

“There will be a shelter opening at Hadley Park Community Center (1037 28th Ave) at 5:30am. There is a shelter opening at East Magnet High School (110 Gallatin Ave) now.”

NWS Nashville wrote on the morning of March 3: “Nashville… your severe threat is over. There could be a stray lightning strike for the next hour which could hamper recovery efforts.”

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