Pokemon GO Research Tasks: March 2020

pokemon go research tasks


With a new batch of Pokemon GO Research Tasks comes a brand new Research Breakthrough in the form of Ferroseed, according to Niantic.

For the entire month of March, players can encounter a Ferroseed for every Research Breakthrough they get. They even get bonus Stardust for catching it. To get a Research Breakthrough, players have to complete seven different Field Research Tasks on seven different days.

Here are all the current Pokemon GO Research Tasks and their rewards for March 2020, according to The Silph Road. The list will continue to be updated as more Research Tasks are discovered.

Update: Added the exclusive Field Research Tasks for the April Fools event from April 1 to 7.

*Chance of shiny encounter

April Fools 2020

  • Earn three Candy while Walking with your Buddy – Stunfisk
  • Feed a Berry to your Buddy – Sudowodo*
  • Catch three Ditto – Croagunk*

    Evolve & Power Up

  • Evolve a Pokemon – Eevee* or Gloom
  • Power up Pokemon five times – Bulbasaur*, Charmander* or Squirtle*


  • Make five nice throws – Voltorb
  • Make three great throws – Gastly*, Lileep*, Anorith*
  • Make three great throws in a row – Onix*
  • Make five great curveball throws in a row – Spinda*
  • Make three excellent throws in a row – Larvitar*


  • Defeat three Team GO Rocket Grunts – Growlithe*
  • Battle another Trainer – Mankey*
  • Battle in a Gym – Mankey*
  • Battle in a Gym five times – Machop*
  • Win a Gym Battle – Bulbasaur*, Charmander*, Squirtle*
  • Win three Gym Battles – Jynx
  • Use a super effective Charged Move in seven Gym Battles – Electabuzz
  • Battle in a Raid – Pinsir*
  • Win five Raids – Aerodactyl*
  • Win a level three or higher Raid – Omanyte*, Kabuto*


  • Catch three grass-, five- or ground-type Pokemon – Hoppip
  • Catch five fire-type Pokemon – Torchic*
  • Catch 10 Pokemon – Magikarp*
  • Catch five Pokemon with Weather Boost – Poliwag*, Vulpix
  • Catch a dragon-type Pokemon – Dratini*

    Egg Hatching

  • Hatch an Egg – Exeggcute
  • Hatch three Eggs – Magmar*
  • Hatch five Eggs – Chansey*
  • Hatch seven Eggs – Mossy Lure

    Buddy Tasks

  • Earn five hearts with your Buddy – Cherrim
  • Take a snapshot with your Buddy – Sunkern*


  • Trade a Pokemon – Tangela
  • Transfer three Pokemon – Diglett*
  • Send 10 Gifts to friends – Gligar*


  • Catch 8 Pokemon – 1,000 Stardust or One Rare Candy
  • Send 3 Gifts to Friends – 1,000 Stardust or One Rare Candy
  • In other news, Niantic will hold special Raid weekends throughout the whole month of March. Darkrai will be available from March 6 to 9, Altered Form Giratina from March 13 to 16, Cobalion from March 20 to 23 and Lugia from March 27 to 30. Players will have the chance to catch their shiny forms during those times. In addition, Cobalion and Lugia caught during their times will know an exclusive attack, Sacred Sword for Cobalion and Aeroblast for Lugia.

    In addition to the Darkrai Raid weekend, the game will hold a Team GO Rocket takeover event from March 6 to 9. During that time, poison- and dark-type Pokemon along with Pokemon associated with Team GO Rocket will appear more often in the wild. The Raid-exclusive Pokemon Absol will appear in the wild during the event. Then on March 7 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders will be more active.

    During the Cobalion Raid weekend, a brand new Special Research quest will become available. In addition, normal-, fire-, water-, electric- and ice-type Pokemon will appear more often in the wild and Nincada will also appear in the wild as well as 5 km Eggs. Karrablast and Shelmet will hatch more often from 5 km Eggs during the event.

    Then during the Lugia Raid weekend, Solosis and Gothita will make their debut in the game. Solosis will be available in the wild during the day and Gothita will be available during the evening. Both Pokemon can also be found in 5 km Eggs. Psychic-type Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild, Raids and 2 km Eggs.

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