Duo Steals Corona Beer by Claiming They Have Coronavirus: Report

Corona Beer

Picture of bottles of Mexican beer Corona, taken in Mexico City on June 4, 2019.

Two men were arrested on March 31 after allegedly saying that they had the COVID-19 coronavirus in order to steal two cases of Corona beer from a business in Coconut Creek, Fla. The Smoking Gun reported that the culprits, 42-year-old Zavier Permenter and 32-year-old Steven Cyriacks, went into a CVS and told the employees that they had “the virus.”

Permenter and Cyriacks allegedly stole two cases of Corona beer and multiple “detergent containers” from the business. The pair left the CVS with the items and entered a Chevrolet Express van — the van was reported stolen in Fort Lauderdale the day before.

The Smoking Gun reported that the police pursued Permenter and Cyriacks in a high-speed chase after getting a call about the theft around 3:35 p.m. ET. The duo was eventually caught after officers performed a boxing maneuver.

Cyriacks Tried to Flee From Officers on Foot but He was Stopped and Arrested

As per the police report, Cyriacks attempted to flee on foot, but he was stopped after one of the arresting officers, Det. McKinney, delivered “a kicking strike” to the torso of Cyriacks. The report also said that during the arrest, he shouted, “Ya’ll ain’t s**t with those badges. I’d f**k you up. I’ll go to your house and f**k you up.”

The report said, “Mr. Cyriacks continued to verbally threaten everyone near him and not comply with simple commands to remain seated on the curb and stood up. As this time, his body became stiff and his legs spread into a fighting stance. Sgt. McManus redirected Mr. Cyriacks to the ground after he disregarded multiple verbal commands.”

It also mentioned that “for officer and subject safety, the handcuffing location was in the turn lane of a busy roadway that still had heavy vehicle traffic.”

This Is Not Cyriacks & Permenter’s First Time in Trouble With the Law

In the report from the Coconut Creek Police Department, the pair have been charged with retail theft, vehicle theft and resistance without violence. According to The Smoking Gun, this is not the first time either Cyriacks or Permenter has been in trouble with the law. Cyriacks has been convicted five times or more for theft, and Permenter has been to state prison multiple times for offenses like grand theft auto, battery, cocaine sales and robbery.

Police said a witness from the CVS was brought down to confirm the robbers. He positively identified  Cyriacks as the thief and the driver of the white Chevrolet Express van. They were booked at the Broward County jail.

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