Collecting Easter Eggs on Snapchat: Holiday Hunt Returns Amid Coronavirus


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Snapchat is hosting a virtual Easter egg hunt this weekend for all users that are stuck indoors due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the holiday weekend, Snapchat users can look for digital eggs in the app’s “Snap Map” location tracking feature.

How does it work? The concept of the Easter egg hunt is quite simple. Users have to look through the Snapchat Snap Map to find eggs. When you find it, you have to tap on it to add it to your basket. Users can compete against their friends virtually to see who can collect the most eggs, and get on to the top of the leaderboard.

Snapchat Easter Eggs

Snapchat Easter Eggs

It’s similar to the popular Pokemon Go type of games, and it’s not the first year that Snapchat has held a virtual Easter egg hunt. However, in previous years, users had to physically look through their local area for eggs, whereas this year the game has been modified so users can play from home.

Snapchat announced the game on April 7 on its website. It wrote: “It’s time to fill your basket because this year we’re hunting for eggs from home! We’re encouraging everyone to stay put and practice physical distancing. Collect as many eggs as you can by April 12th without leaving your home!”

The Game Is Easily Accessed Through the Snap Map If Users Have Location Enabled

If you haven’t launched Snap Map yet, open up your Snapchat app and swipe down on the camera screen to access your map. You must have your location enabled to do so. The game will be available until midnight on Sunday night so there’s only a limited time to collect as many eggs as possible.

Snap Map Easter Eggs

YouTubeEaster eggs on the Snap Map.

Users have revealed that there are some locations with a lot of Easter eggs if you want your tally to go up quickly. France, Luxemburg and Armenia are all locations that are known to have tons of Easter eggs. You can also take a look around famous landmarks if you want.

There are also different points for different types of eggs found. The regular colored eggs are worth a point each and the rarer, shiny eggs are worth five points each. If you find that you’re low on points, you can look for a basket on the map that will unlock an egg candy machine to distribute more eggs.

Snapchat also added a sneaky way to collect eggs: “You can hop into Ghost Mode — your friends won’t see your egg hunting activity and you won’t show up on the leaderboard.” Ghost Mode can be accessed from the Snap Map by going into Settings.

People Are Discussing Their Easter Egg Hunt on Social Media

Many people are chatting about their Easter egg hunt on Snapchat on social media. One user posted:

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They wrote: “bruh who knew in 2020 i would be spending HOURS on a snapchat virtual easter egg hunt.”

Another said: “Snapchat Easter egg hunt 2020 destroying friendships already.”

Another shared his status in the game:

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