Fashion Nova Slammed Online for Pushing ‘Stimulus Check Deposit’ Sale

Fashion Nova stimulus check

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Tens of millions of Americans have found themselves jobless in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, which is why the government recently passed a $2.1 trillion relief package to bail out those struggling financially during these uncertain times. People who’ve qualified to receive a COVID-19 stimulus check, are looking for that money to help them buy essential groceries and keep a roof over their head.

However, on April 15, Fashion Nova, a popular online shopping retailer, with over 18 million followers on Instagram, seems to have confused the anxiousness of Americans hoping to receive their stimulus checks as excitement for a windfall. After Fashion Nova customers received a push notification that read, “When That Stimulus Deposit Hits” with a starry-eyed face and money bag emoji, buyers were not impressed with the marketing ploy.

Fashion Nova is a women’s fashion brand which has skyrocketed in popularity through a well-curated team of influencers, nearly ever former Bachelor Nation contestant is a brand ambassador, as well as the Kardashians. While learning of an 80% off sale would usually be great news, the timing of their ad wasn’t great.

Users online didn’t appreciate the encouragement to spend their money on clothing and accessories while jobless amid a global pandemic, and they shared their disappointment and frustration with the brand on Twitter.

One user online wrote, “I’m done with Fashion Nova and their foolery #Stimuluscheck,” while another person tweeted, “Uhhh all we get for the foreseeable future is $1,200 so go away Fashion Nova I have groceries to buy.”

Fashion Nova Launched a $1 Million Relief Campaign With Cardi B

While the women’s fashion brand’s push ad on Wednesday was in bad taste, they announced on their website that they are giving away $1,000 an hour until May 20, until they reach a grand total of $1 million with their Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B. campaign.

“Fashion Nove and Cardi B are committed to helping those impacted by COVID-19. We have established Fashion Nova Cares to support those in need.”

To apply, they’re asking customers to send in the name, e-mail, address, Instagram handles and phone number, along with a short story (up to 250) words as to how COVID-19 has affected your life. The lucky winner’s names are then posted on their website here.

On Instagram, the brand wrote, “We’ve teamed up to help you pay your bills, feed your families and provide essential necessities as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.” While the stimulus check plug for a sale wasn’t a great look, Fashion Nova seems to have their heart in the right places when it comes to their relief efforts with Cardi B.

Ethika Clothing Brand Was Slammed On Twitter After Their April Fools’ COVID-19 Sale

People are understandably sensitive during the coronavirus shut down and don’t appreciate companies looking to bank on the pandemic as if it was merely a popular trending topic.

On April 1, Ethika, an underwear brand founded by Ryan Sheckler, Travis Pastrana, and Malcolm McCassy, announced on April 1, that they were sadly having a “Going Out of Business Sale” and that “EVERYTHING MUST GO!”

While Ethika wrote, “The loss of income due to the COVID-19 has put us OUT OF BUSINESS! The Entire Site is 50% to 80% off,” and there were “limited quantities, while supplies last,” – they were NOT going out of business. It was all an April Fools’ joke.

Similar to Fashion Nova on April 15, Ethika stared trending nationwide on Twitter because users online were devastated to learn one of the favorite brands was shutting due to the pandemic coronavirus and then they were just angry after learning it was all a ploy. One user online tweeted, ” think Ethika joking about going out of business for a sale is a horrible and insensitive joke. So many people are losing their jobs right now and they joking about closing…..”

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