How to Get the Guess the Gibberish Instagram Filter

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The Guess the Gibberish Instagram filter is the latest social media game to help deal with the boredom of quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic. The game works similarly to other Instagram games like “Which Disney character are you?” although this one is significantly more difficult.

A sentence or a phrase will appear above your head and you have to figure out what the sound-alike answer is. The answer can be anything from a commonly used phrase to a movie title to an item or a celebrity name.

Guess The Gibberish Filter CompilationGuess the gibberish filter videos, which can be tiktok or instagram.2020-04-16T06:09:07.000Z

The first conundrum I was presented with was, “are he amuck ran day.” The answer was “Ariana Grande.” I didn’t get it correct. There is no specific theme to the game, so the answers can be pretty out there. The second one I got was, “Fenced a hug hound.” The answer was, “finsta account.” I didn’t get that one either.

Here is the easiest way we found to access the game:

Make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app

Tap ‘My Story’ on your Instagram home page

Scroll all the way to the right until you hit ‘Browse Effects’

Tap ‘Browse Effects’

Hit the search icon on the top right-hand corner and type in, ‘Guess the Gibberish’ by GU_Christopher

You Can Also Access the Game Through the Creator’s Instagram Profile

An alternative way to access the game is to head straight to the source. The source is the creator, GU_Christopher. There is a direct link on his Instagram page to the game. He has been posting some of his favorite reactions to the game on his Instagram story. If you’re looking to hire GU_Christopher, you can send him a direct message on his Instagram page to get unique filter options.

At the time of writing, Christopher Gu has just over 6,000 followers. According to a feature from Social Media Today, the creator of the game “2020 Predictions,” Filippo Soccini, had just over 7,000 followers prior to the viral success of his game. After Soccini’s game went viral, he received over 100,000 followers.

From there, you have the option to either try the game or to add it to your camera roll. The game is not available on TikTok at the time of writing. TikTok users have been posting recycled videos from their Instagram stories on to TikTok.

Guess the Gibberish Instagram Filter! (How to Get it)How to Get 'Guess The Gibberish' Filter on Instagram! In this video I show you how you can get the guess the gibberish filter on Instagram. This is extremely easy and I'l show you step by step how to get this brand new trending Instagram story filter. This is called the guess the gibberish filter…2020-04-16T08:16:37.000Z

The YouTube channel How to Digital typically offers up-to-date videos on how to access the latest Instagram filters.

You can view a list of the best Instagram media filters and games to help to get you through being locked down here. You can find a useful list of the best Instagram filter creators here.

Martha Stewart Has Already Been Talking Gibberish on Instagram

Martha Stewart gibberish


Speaking of “gibberish,” on the same day as the launch of the game, Page Six reported that Martha Stewart had posted a “gibberish” comment on Instagram. Stewart commented on a post from The Best Little Hen House in Texas. The comment read, “M as me sure you feed and wAter them daily And keep the heat lss as no MK in s as Nd when you can finally come back to nyc who is going to take care for them??” In a subsequent comment, Stewart confirmed that she had been drinking.

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