White Claw Slushie: How to Make the Viral Drink in TikTok Videos

White Claw

Getty White Claw Flavor Collection No. 2 on February 25, 2020.

During this period of social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, with so many people staying at home, a lot of people are sharing recipes of different foods and drinks they’re creating at home. The latest recipe trend going viral on TikTok is the White Claw slushie.

The drink trend first started circulating after Julia Abner, a film producer, shared a video of herself showing her fans how to make the drink. The video went viral over the next two weeks, getting over 1.5 million views and 343,000 likes. Here is the original video:

Abner captioned the video: “How to enhance your White Claw.” In the video, Abner explains in a voiceover how to make the drink, using only White Claw, vodka and frozen berries.

The Drink Is Made Using Three Simple Ingredients & People Have Posted Their Own Versions

Abner explains how to make the drink in the video. She says you need White Claw, vodka, and frozen berries, adding that any type of frozen berries are okay, and even that hers are expired. She puts in what appears to be half a cup of frozen berries.

Then she says, “Take that ‘white girl’ White Claw, open it right up, and you’re just gonna pour, pour, pour,” she says, counting quickly to eight while pouring. She then pours in a liberal amount of vodka, counting humorously to 14 while doing so. At that point, the mixture is blended and poured out for the final result.

Many users have been replicating the drink or making their own versions of cocktails with White Claw. One user skipped the blender and instead made sangria with fresh berries:

Another user posted a version with moonshine instead of vodka. She also added ice to increase the slushie effect:

One TikTok user named Armeta Sidhu, with the account called @spritzandspice, posted a series of videos of herself making different cocktails using White Claw. She showed off a gin and tonic recipe using ice, gin, elderflower liqueur and Natural Lime White Claw, a watermelon recipe using strawberries, lime, rum, cherry liqueur and Watermelon White Claw and many more.

Other Recipes Have Gone Viral on Social Media During the Quarantine Period

Another recipe that went viral during the lockdown was the Dalgona coffee drink. A video posted by “N’Oven – Non Veg” on Facebook showed how to make three different versions of the Dalgona coffee: the Classic Dalgona, the Mochacchino Dalgona and the Iced Cappucino Dalgona.

It’s an easy recipe that also requires few ingredients, only instant coffee, sugar and water for the classic version and the addition of cocoa powder for the mochacchino version.

Another recipe that went viral, this one for food instead of drink, was the peanut butter bread recipe. A lot of people have been baking since they have more time on their hands, and bread recipes are trending all over social media. An old recipe for peanut butter bread from 1932 started trending on Reddit, since it requires easy-to-obtain ingredients and it’s extremely easy to make, as it doesn’t require yeast.

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