WATCH: Car Slams Into a Hijab House Store in Australia

Car Crashes Into Hijab House

Twitter A Suburu SUV crashed into a Hijab House on Thursday afternoon in New South Wales, Australia.

A dozen people have been injured after a man drove his Mitsubishi SUV into a Hijab House store in Greenacre, New South Wales, Australia. The incident occurred on Thursday, May 21, around 3 pm local time. A video of the man driving into the store was originally shared on social media by Rayane Tamer. The video shows the man revving his SUV at a set of traffic lights and then speeding off toward the Hijab House.

The video captured the car slamming into the front of the store. Police confirmed in a statement that “The male driver and 11 pedestrians have been injured. They are currently being treated at the scene; however, their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.”

The crash occurred at the intersection of Boronia and Waterloo Roads.

According to Australian radio host Ben Fordham, eight women and four men were treated at the Hijab House with a variety of injuries. Inspector Caitlin Murphy of NSW ambulance service told Fordham that the 12 individuals were “lucky to be alive.”

The NSW ambulance service confirmed to The Guardian that most of the women injured in the accident were from ages 18 to 30.

Warning: the video contains a crash crashing into a store, viewer discretion is advised. Here is the video:

Another video was shared by a Twitter user who goes by “yanita calmdown.” It shows a side angle of the crash where the SUV visibly drives through the front of the store. Here is the video:

A witness to the incident, John Makhlouf, told the ABC: “I saw a lot of smoke and heard a beeping horn. One car got pushed out of the way and the other car went straight into the shop and crashed and you could hear the horn constantly beeping.”

Makhlouf continued, “It’s very lucky there was no one standing on the corner or crossing at the lights because they would have been hit.”

An employee of a restaurant beside the Hijab House told The Guardian, “There are police and ambulances everywhere. We couldn’t understand anything that was going on when it happened, it drove right through the shop.”

This story is still developing. 

It Is Unclear Why the Man Drove His SUV Into the Hijab House

At the time of this writing, it is unclear why the man drove the SUV into the Hijab House. Roshai Murdoch of Sky News reported that the man is 51 years old and is known to police for “traffic matters.”

NSW Police Superintendant Murray Reynolds said to radio host Ben Fordham, “If you look at it, it does appear as though it’s done deliberately”. The incident is currently being investigated.

A Video Shows the Chaotic Scene Inside the Hijab House

A Twitter user who goes by “Auburn_2144” posted a video of the inside of the Hijab House after the man drove the SUV into it. The video shows the SUV with a smashed windshield and a man sitting in the driver’s seat.

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