Jason McCombs Now: An Update on His Life & Is He in Jail?

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The May 19 episode of the A&E series Accused: Guilty or Innocent? is titled: “Deadly Driver or Tragic Accident?” The show’s premise is to explore a case from the perspective of the accused, including their defense, trial and how their family is coping with the situation. Previous episodes have shown difficult, complex cases, such as last week’s episode about Angel Bumpass being found guilty in a cold case that occurred when she was 13 years old.

This episode looks at Jason McCombs’ case, who is accused of manslaughter in a terrible car crash that left one person dead and another seriously injured. McCombs himself was virtually unharmed. The incident took place near Llano, Texas, a small town northwest of Austin, in July 2016.

Where is Jason McCombs today?

Jason McCombs Was Found Not Guilty of the Charges & Returned Home After the Trial

Prosecutors argued that McCombs was driving recklessly or was distracted by his phone while driving and drifted into the opposing lane where he crashed into another car. The passenger in the other vehicle, 87-year-old Roland Greaves, died in the crash and his son, 56-year-old Perry Greaves and the driver of the vehicle, was critically injured.

After the verdict was read out, the Greaves family issued a statement:

In our opinion the state proved its case beyond any doubt. The facts as they were presented supported the requirements of the law as explained by the judge. The defense presented a very compelling and emotional testimony by Mr. McCombs that may have swung the jurors away from a fact-based decision.

They continued by thanking the assistant district attorney and first responders who worked on the case, and saying they would continue to “support our brother Perry Greaves and his wife, and son, in the hope that he may some day speak, move and recognize his family.”

McCombs’ defense attorney, Austin Shell, argued that his client wasn’t reckless or on his cellphone at the time of the crash. He said although the accident was tragic, it was an accident and McCombs should not be found guilty of manslaughter. Shell said that although he’s happy McCombs was acquitted, this case showed that there are no winners: “Even though we won and we were very happy for Jason, it’s bittersweet. At the end of the day, a very good man, Roland Greaves, lost his life prematurely, and Perry Greaves will never be the same.”

McCombs Now Works as an Executive Director for an Assisted Living Facility

Jason McCombs family

FacebookJason McCombs and his family.

According to his LinkedIn page, McCombs now works as an executive director at Spanish Oaks Assisted Living in Texas. He has held the position since October 2017. He is still with his wife Ashley, who expressed her ongoing support for her husband on the show and who recently posted a picture on Facebook with Jason and their kids.

During the episode, viewers learned that Jason McCombs’ father, Wayne McCombs, was unwell. Wayne McCombs died on May 10, 2020, just over a week before the episode aired. Jason McCombs posted a tribute to his father on his Facebook, changing his profile picture to a photo of his father and writing, “I Love You dad…”

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