Nick Cordero’s COVID-19 Update: He’s ‘Battling a Lot’ in ICU, Wife Says

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero

Instagram Amanda Kloots shares a positive health update on the health of her husband, Nick Cordero.

Nick Cordero finally woke up after being in a medically induced coma due to complications from coronavirus since late March. However, while Cordero continues to fight an uphill battle back to health, his wife, celebrity fitness trainer Amanda Kloots, has continue to share updates on his status via Instagram.

On Monday, Kloots didn’t have any great news concerning her husband’s progress. She said, “Nick is doing slightly better than yesterday. He is still very sick and battling a lot. They turned him to a proning position to open his airways. He has had this before and it helped a lot. They also cleaned his lungs out again to help fight the infection.”

“He is and has been COVID negative now for weeks,” Kloots added. “What he is and has been dealing with is the [fall]out from the virus and from infections that arise from being in the ICU as long as he has. Please keep your prayers coming!”

Earlier this week, Kloots reported via Instagram that Nick had suffered from a new lung infection and that his health was “going downhill.” But fortunately, “since then he’s been slowly recovering” and “getting back to where he was before this infection came about,” she added.

Kloots, 38, who’s been taking care of their 11-month old son, Elvis, with the help of her siblings, has openly discussed Cordero’s progress over the past few months. She’s described what’s been a very one step forward, and two steps back kind of situation since he woke up.

On May 23, Kloots said, “I’m so proud of Nick. I’m really proud of how strong he is, and what’s he’s gone through, and his will. She also acknowledged her own mental health throughout this journey. “I’m exhausted if you can’t tell,” Kloots said. “Physically and emotionally and mentally exhausted. This has been the craziest ride ever but you know, we’re still here and we’re still fighting.”

Kloots Celebrated Cordero Officially Waking Up From His Coma In Mid-May

After waking up from a 6-week coma, Cordero initially continued to show signs of improvement. Kloots said that his “mental status is really coming along, which is fantastic.” Once doctors can get the infection of the lungs, “he can fully get the ventilator out of the trach and get off the ventilator. Then, he can also get off dialysis,” Kloots said.

On May 18, Kloots said that there was even “less secretion from Nick’s lungs from the last time they cleaned him out,” which was great progress “just because any time they go in there and there’s less than before is good. So I’m gonna take that and I’m going to run with that for tonight and I’m going to celebrate.”

Cordero Did Not Have Any Underlying Health Conditions Prior to Contracting COVID-19

Cordero, a 41-year-old Tony Award-winning actor who starred in the Broadway musicals Waitress and Rock of Ages, had spent the past 42 days in the intensive care unit at Cedars Sinai hospital and needed his right leg amputated due to blood clots. His rollercoaster journey back to health after being infected with COVID-19 was all the more perplexing because Cordero did not have any underlying health issues, according to Kloots.

Kloots, who’s been married to Cordero since 2017, wrote on Instagram:

Nick is 41 years old. He had no pre-existing health conditions. We do not know how he got COVID-19, but he did. He went to the ER on March 30th and intubated on a ventilator on April 1. Since then has he has suffered an infection that caused his heart to stop, he needed resuscitation, he had two mini-strokes, went on ECMO, went on dialysis, needed surgery to [remove] an ECMO cannula that was restricting blood flow to his leg, a [fasciotomy] to relieve pressure on the leg, amputation of his right leg, an MRI to further investigate brain damage, several bronchial sweeps to clear out his lungs, a [sepsis] infection causing septic shock, a fungus in his lungs, holes in his lungs, a tracheostomy, blood clots, low blood count and platelet levels, and a temporary pacemaker to assist his heart. This disease does not only [affect] old people. This is real. A perfectly healthy 41-year-old man!

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