Sofia Franklyn Gives Her Side of ‘Call Her Daddy’ Controversy in Instagram Video

Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn

Kaitlyn Mikayla/Instagram Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn

It’s been over a month since Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn have recorded an episode of Barstool Sports’ Call Her Daddy. The two hosts typically record the podcast once a week, covering explicit topics about their lives and giving advice. Call Her Daddy has amassed a large fanbase that Cooper and Franklyn call “The Daddy Gang.”

The last episode the two recorded together was April 8’s podcast titled “How to Keep Them Interested During Quarantine.” On May 16, The New York Post reported that Cooper and Franklyn were at odds and that the girls weren’t talking to each other.

Barstool Sports’ founder Dave Portnoy gave an update on the Call Her Daddy podcast and his take on the controversy. Portnoy said that the two were under a three-year contract with Barstool Sports and the two hosts had been shopping the podcast around to other outlets.

After a failed attempt between Portnoy and the two hosts to renegotiate their contracts, Cooper told Portnoy that Franklyn was refusing to renegotiate. According to Portnoy, Cooper is currently renegotiating her contract with Barstool Sports that will give her benefits including 75% of the Call Her Daddy intellectual property and a pay increase.

Sofia Franklin Shared Her Side of the ‘Call Her Daddy’ Controversy

On May 19, Franklin posted an Instagram Story explaining her side of the Call Her Daddy controversy. At the start of her explanation, she said that there was a lot “of crazy sh*t being thrown around” and that some of it was true and some of it was false. Franklyn then said she was going to be 100% honest with her followers.

Franklin said that she and Cooper created Call Her Daddy together in March 2018. She said that at the time, she and Cooper were best friends, roommates and “arguably like sisters.”

Franklyn said:

Then we took the show to Barstool Sports. Did Barstool Sports help blow up Call Her Daddy? 100%. After some time had passed, Alex and I then both decided we wanted to consider some other options for multiple reasons, one of them being for the benefit of The Daddy Gang, believe it or not. But we did.

Franklyn then said that she and Cooper regretted the way they went about pursuing other options. She said that “we could have handled it differently.”

Franklyn Said That She Found Out Cooper ‘Went Behind My Back’ But She Is Still Willing to Do ‘Call Her Daddy’

During the Instagram story, Franklyn said, “We wanted to work something out with Barstool, hence the meeting with Dave [Portnoy]. And after the meeting with Dave, that’s when negotiations started with both Alex and I to get a deal done.”

Franklyn said, “This is where the story gets extremely f**ked up. I found out that Alex had gone behind my back and done something, and I found out it wasn’t the first time. And that’s why we’re here.”

She said that she trusted Cooper and that she feels betrayed. Franklyn said that Cooper was her best friend and “that doesn’t change overnight. And I’m willing to do Call Her Daddy. I really am. I just can’t do it under the circumstances that she wants.”

Franklyn continued, “I can’t do it while she’s demanding that she controls the show. I don’t want to be like her employee. We are partners. We’ve always been that way — we’ve always been 50-50.”

At the end of the Instagram story, she thanked The Daddy Gang members that have stuck beside her during this controversy, and that she was eternally grateful.

To read Portnoy’s take on the entire controversy between the two hosts and Barstool Sports, click the “Read Next” link below:

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