Watch: Video Emerges of Patricia Ripley Attempting to Drown Her Autistic Son

patricia ripley

Miami-Dade County Patricia Ripley and her son Alejandro.

Video has surfaced of Patricia Ripley pushing her 9-year-old autistic son into a pond in what police say was her first attempt to kill him before people discovered the boy and helped him out of the water.

Ripley, 45, was charged with her son Alejandro’s murder the day after she called Miami-Dade police and said two black men ambushed her and her son as they drove, demanding drugs. Ripley claimed the men took her cell phone and her son and drove off.

Police issued an Amber Alert, but the next morning the body of the young boy was found floating in a canal on a golf course, a different body of water than Ripley pushed him into in the video.

Ripley is charged with premeditated attempted murder and first-degree murder in the death of her son. Exclusive video of Ripley walking her son down by a pond, pushing him in and then running away was obtained by Spanish language news outlet Univision. In this video the boy is rescued and reunited with the mother who had just tried to kill him.

You can watch the video here:

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Police Seemed to Suspect Ripley All Along

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Police never seemed to fully believe Ripley’s story, saying in an early news conference Friday morning after the boy’s body was found in a canal at a golf course that the mother’s story about the abduction was “definitely a possibility” but they were considering all options in the case.

It wasn’t long before they obtained the video of Ripley pushing her son into the canal and running away, followed by local residents running down to save him after police reported those neighbors heard screaming.

Later in the video Alejandro is back with his mother and talking with the couple who rescued him. Ripley is holding him close and looks to be drying him off as she talks to the couple.

According to police, Ripley then drove Alejandro to another body of water, the one he was found in on Friday morning wearing a Captain America T-shirt and a diaper.

Ripley called police Thursday night, saying two black men started following her and her son in their car. She claims that the driver of that car sideswiped her, forcing her to pull over near a Home Depot. Then, Ripley said, the vehicle pulled in front of her, blocking her from driving. Once both cars were stopped, a man got out of the passenger side, she said, and “ambushed her, demanding drugs.”

Ripley, 45, said she told the men she didn’t have any drugs. She said that the men then stole her phone and kidnapped her autistic, non-verbal son and headed south in a blue four-door sedan.

Ripley Confessed to Killing Her Son & Said He’s ‘In a Better Place’

In a press conference Saturday, police said their community was “shocked” by the killing of Alejandro and the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to the Miami Herald, investigators think that Ripley had become overwhelmed with taking care of Alejandro recently, reporting that the boy had been receiving therapy at the family’s West Kendall home.

Ripley admitted to killing her son after police showed her the surveillance video of her pushing him into the water. She told them her son is now in a better place, according to the Miami Herald.

Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez said at the press briefing, “The only voice in his life that he depended on to get through this world was his mom’s. And to think that that voice would be the one to harm him the most. As a parent, as a member of this community, I’m deeply saddened about what happened to that young boy.”

He also calls Ripley out for lying and throwing another community under the bus by saying two black men abducted her son, saying that should be another crime in itself.

According to the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, “In the past five years, over 600 people with disabilities have been murdered by their parents, relatives or caregivers.”

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