Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Under Fire After COVID-19 Lockdown Tweet

Pat Sajak

Getty Host Pat Sajak performs during the NFL Players Week 10th Anniversary on Wheel Of Fortune on December 6, 2005, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has come under fire after he tweeted recently about the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown. The longtime game show host tweeted, “When a disc jockey or a talk show host or a journalist who is being paid to work from his or her home tells people who can’t work, pay bills or pay their rent or mortgage to ‘Stay home and be careful because we’re all in this together,’ it’s okay to question the premise.”

The Wheel of Fortune host tweeted this early Saturday morning, and he received backlash from many users.

Sajak Received Criticism After Tweeting About Questioning ‘the Premise’

One person tweeted:

They wrote, “When a game show host who has 10s of millions in bank and is still getting paid tells people to go out and ignore a novel virus, its ok to question the premise.”


Another person said: “When a game show host, President etc tell people ‘we need to re-open the economy because people need to work so they can pay bills or rent or mortgage’ but don’t endorse giving enough financial relief to people so they don’t have to work, it’s ok to question the premise.”

Another person wrote: “When are rich people tell working people that go out and die without a national testing strategy or other hope oh, it’s okay to question the premises.”

Another user wrote, “Yes Pat, a man who makes $12-$15 million per year by telling a woman when to spin a wheel can really relate to those out of work, not receiving a paycheck because you still get yours , then turn around and attack the media for doing their job , trying to keep people safe.”

Another Twitter user replied to Sajak: “When millionaires go and tell you to go out and work and risk your health, your loved ones and complete strangers, while they can work from home or stay inside, it’s ok to question the premise.”

Not All of the Comments Disagreed With Sajak’s Tweet

Not all of the replies were in disagreement with Sajak’s tweet. Many people agreed with the Wheel of Fortune host’s statement.

One person tweeted: “When millionaires share videos saying ‘we’re all in this together’ from their mansions it makes me laugh. Thanks for being normal, Pat.”

Another user posted: “Thank you, this needed to be said. I am one of the blessed people who has been able to work from home and preserve my income, and I will not pass judgement on the actions of any person fighting to do the same! God Bless those who are victims of this virus. #YouAreNotForgotten.”

One user posted: “You should have been hosting your own network news show all of these years. Your tweets always reveal how profoundly intelligent and authentic you are.”

Another wrote, “Amen. I am so tired of those sappy insincere commercials too.”

The New York Times reported on May 14 that more than 36 million workers have filed unemployment claims in the past two months.

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