Reports of a 15-Year-Old Black Boy Killed in Minnesota Are False, Police Say

Police have corrected what they say is false information circulating on the internet this morning that a black man or teen is dead following a police shooting in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

NBC News reporter Kurt Chirbas published the correction regarding the incident, which occurred just after midnight on June 15. Chirbas wrote on Twitter: “St. Cloud Police says social media reports of a fatal officer-involved shooting are NOT correct. They say officer was shot in hand during an arrest & sustained non-life threatening injuries. Officers did not return fire and subdued a suspect, who has non-life threatening injuries.”

One Officer Who Was Struck in the Hand Was Taken to the Hospital in Stable Condition, St. Cloud Police Say

St. Cloud Police released a statement from Assistant Chief Jeff Oxton that said one police officer had been shot in the hand and had been taken to the hospital along with the suspect. The statement said a suspect produced a handgun and “physically resisted arrest” at the scene. Both the officer and the suspect were “in a stable condition,” Oxton said. The officer received injuries as a result of a “gunshot wound … during the physical struggle” while the suspect received “injuries consistent with a laceration,” according to the media release:

Officers were attempting to stop and detain an 18-year-old male suspect from St. Cloud at which time he fled on foot. Officers chased the suspect and caught him in the 1000 block of 10th Avenue South. At that point the suspect physically resisted arrest. During the physical struggle the suspect produce a handgun and discharged it one time striking the arresting officer in the hand. Officers did not return fire and were able to subdue the suspect and take him into custody.

The officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries as a result of the gunshot wound and is in stable condition. During the arrest the suspect received non-life threatening injuries consistent with a laceration. The suspect was also transported to the hospital and is in stable condition.

No other information is available at this time.

More information will be sent out as it develops.

The release was posted on the St. Cloud Police Department’s official Twitter account:

‘This Place Could’ve Been on Fire, Over a Lie’: St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson Condemns Social Media as a ‘Demon’ After False Rumors Spread Across the Internet

The St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson came out in condemnation of social media at a press conference this morning.

According to Tim Nelson of Minnesota Public Radio News, Anderson said: “It is very reckless…it is very dangerous… Social media is a demon… It is abhorrent to me that within minutes, the story that went out went out. This place could have been on fire, over a lie.”

WCCO-TV anchor Jason DeRusha said a “Visibly frustrated” Anderson reported that four people were “Arrested for damaging property in response to false rumors.”

Information That Was Posted on the Internet Early Monday Is False, Police Say

Police said “rumors on social media have been inaccurately reporting what actually happened.”

Reports emerged earlier on social media that one black man was killed and another was in a serious condition following a shooting in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Video was posted on Twitter Monday morning purporting to show the moments immediately after the shooting:

Screenshot deleted tweet second


Preliminary reports from the same account also said the victim was 15 years old:

Screenshot deleted tweet

Both tweets appear to have been deleted since the original time of publication.

A local news network also confirmed the incident on Twitter this morning in a tweet that has since been deleted:

Deleted tweet xidig

Twitter/ @xidigtv

Other video has been posted of the police scene surrounding the incident in the moments after it occurred. One user commented: “A black man in St. Cloud, MN was shot by police by NY Gyro. All I’ve been able to figure out at this point… cops … said no one was shot, which we know isn’t true.”

A large crowd was already gathering at the scene following the incident, witnesses said.

WCCO’s Christiane Cordero reported that two people had been taken into custody, and described the unfolding scene as one of “Tension and confusion.”

More information will be posted as this story develops.

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