WATCH: Truck Drives Through Group of Buffalo Police Officers

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Two law enforcement officers were struck by a vehicle at a protest scene in Buffalo, New York, the county executive confirmed. A video shows an SUV driving through a group of officers who are in the street. They disperse fast when they see it coming.

Here’s the video:

There were conflicting reports on the number of officers who were struck. Multiple police officers may have been hit by a truck that drove through a crowd, an investigative reporter wrote on Twitter. However, another report indicated there might be just one officer with minor injuries. A Buffalo News reporter wrote that it’s believed the driver was not targeting the officers.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz then wrote, “The @ErieCountyNY Departments of @ErieCountyESU, Central Police Services and @ECSONY1 are monitoring the incident on Bailey Avenue in Buffalo in which two officers were struck by a vehicle. It is by understanding the driver and passengers of the vehicle are in custody.”

He added, “Our thoughts go out to the officers, both of whom were taken to @ECMCBuffalo and are allegedly in stable condition.t is my understanding one police officer is a member of the @BPDAlerts and the other office injured is a member of @nyspolice.”

The news broke on June 1 as protests and riots continued to escalate throughout the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The report came via Twitter from Ali Ingersoll, a data journalist for the Investigative Post, which is an investigative reporting center serving Buffalo & Parts of New York.

“Breaking: An officer got ran over by a car on Bailey Ave., per police sources,” she wrote. “People on scene at E District where a protest is happening told me a truck drove through the crowd and hit multiple police officers.”

Jacquie Walker, WIVB-TV news anchor wrote, “Bailey Avenue in #Buffalo near E district HQ a chaotic scene right now… Reports of tear gas & rubber bullets flying.”

“Officers are on a loudspeaker asking the crowd to leave. They have also put on gas masks. The crowd says they are holding their line,” wrote Marlee Tuskes, News 4 Buffalo reporter.

Here’s what you need to know:

People Were Throwing Rocks at the Injured Officer, a Report Says

Ingersoll also wrote: “‘They are throwing rocks at the injured officer now,’ a text from a police source reads.”

WBEN NewsRadio wrote on Twitter, “Happening now: A march protest that was wrapping up earlier outside Buffalo Police E District station on Bailey Ave is the scene of unrest tonight with tear gas being deployed.”

Aaron Besecker, a crime reporter with the Buffalo News, also wrote about the unrest, saying that an ambulance was called for an officer who “suffered minor injuries.”

“#Breaking: Buffalo police have deployed pepper balls as protesters apparently started throwing objects towards police outside the Northeast District station on Bailey. Ambulance called for officer who suffered minor injuries.”

He added, “Things appear to have escalated in area. Police/fire radio transmissions indicate ambulances called for unconfirmed reports of police officer hit by car.”

Officers were seen running down the street in riot gear.

Protests and riots have unfolded throughout many American cities after Floyd died following an arrest by Minneapolis police. A viral video showed a Minneapolis officer with his knee pressed against Floyd’s neck. That officer has now been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in connection with Floyd’s death. He and three other officers at the scene were fired.

The scene in Buffalo started peacefully, but it then suddenly escalated later in the evening of June 1. Earlier in the evening, police were stopping traffic in Buffalo so the protesters could stay safe.

This post is being updated as more information is learned about the incident.

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