WATCH: Woman Posts Racist Tirade, Gets Fired From Party City

Jacqueline Michele DeLuca

Twitter Jacqueline Michele DeLuca

A Union City, New Jersey, woman has been fired from her job at Party City after posting a video of herself going on a racist tirade. Jacqueline Michele DeLuca first posted the video to Facebook, in which she says Black Lives Matter protesters should be killed. The video was picked up and shared on Twitter, where it got over 1.7 million views.

Here is the video. Warning: some viewers may be disturbed by the language and content of the video.

The 45-second video is shot while DeLuca is driving her car. It begins with her saying how much she dislikes black people, saying: “I f**king hate black people, bro.” She explains that the reason she’s angry is that someone ran the stoplight, and uses a racial slur to describe the person. She then attacks the Black Lives Matter movement, saying she doesn’t care about it and to “kill ’em all.”

DeLuca Posted an Apology to Facebook After Being Fired From Her Job at Party City

Twitter users were quick to locate DeLuca’s Facebook account and discovered that the woman worked at Party City in Seacaucus, a balloon and party supply store chain. The company responded promptly and issued the following statement:

The company wrote: “Today, Party City, we became aware of a disturbing video post & notified the appropriate authorities due to the threatening and disgusting nature of the content. We have terminated the employee who produced & posted the video. We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior & language. Party City stands in solidarity with our Black colleagues, customers and communities, as we condemn acts of racism, bigotry and hate. Disregard for basic human rights of any kind has no place in our communities or country, and certainly not at Party City.”

After she was fired from Party City, DeLuca posted an apology to her Facebook page. Her social media accounts have since been deleted, so a screenshot is available below:

In her apology post, DeLuca wrote: “This is my apology to you ALL. I regret using such words against a race I know everyone is behind for and I never meant to hurt anyone in anyway. I let anger get the best of me at the moment and I ask as a human to please forgive what I’m trying to get across.”

She continued, saying that the video doesn’t reflect the person she is and apologizes to those who know her and everyone who doesn’t know her. She explains that she was “sucked in to the evil and confusion.”

DeLuca Deleted Her Facebook Account But Twitter Users Shared Screenshots of Other Posts

Many people posted on social media that they didn’t buy her apology and shared screenshots of other comments made by DeLuca on her Facebook before it was deleted. One person shared screenshots of DeLuca’s comments from June 8 and June 10 with similar messages about Black Lives Matter protesters:

Other screenshots shared show anti-Chinese racist comments made during the COVID-19 outbreak in the spring.

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