WATCH: Michigan Woman Yells Racist Slurs at New Neighbors

Jessica Evans adrian mi

Twitter/@bailey3jenkins Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans was identified as the Michigan woman who was recorded calling her new neighbors the “n” word multiple times during a heated exchange on the sidewalk. The video was posted to Twitter on June 27 and has since racked up more than 5.4 million views.

In the clip, Evans was heard accusing her new neighbors of “screaming” in the street and keeping her awake. The woman on the other side of the argument, Bailey Jenkins, is white. Evans referred to Jenkins and her “man” as “dumb n***ers” and repeated the slur at least four more times after Jenkins told her she couldn’t use that word.

The confrontation took place in Adrian, Michigan, which is located about 15 miles north of the border with Ohio.

Adrian Police Chief Vince Emrick confirmed to Heavy that law enforcement is aware of the confrontation and that the prosecutor’s office will determine whether charges will be filed.

Warning: The video embedded below includes offensive language.

Here’s what you need to know:

Evans Used the ‘N’ Word Multiple Times & Threatened to Call the Police

Jenkins explained on Twitter that she recorded the exchange with Evans around 6 a.m. on June 27. Jenkins said she had moved into her new home four days earlier.

But as the clip shows, Evans was under the impression that Jenkins was moving that day. The video begins with Evans, who was barefoot and wearing pajamas, stating: “You’re moving. It’s illegal at this hour. Please record you’re moving furniture. Record your man. Record your man moving furniture.” Evans then said she was going to retrieve her own camera in order to record Jenkins. Evans turned and walked a few feet down the sidewalk as Jenkins and the man were heard, off-camera, telling Evans to “go ahead.”

Evans then turned back to the couple and accused them of being loud. “But, you’ve been screaming since what time? You just moved in!”

The man countered that Evans was the one who was screaming and making a scene. Evans repeated, “You just moved in!” Jenkins was heard beginning to say something about Evans involving the police but stopped mid-sentence as Evans turned and used a racial slur. “You are the dumb n***ers making a scene, dude.”

The man responded, “That’s a racial slur” as Jenkins said she was going to find out where Evans worked. Jenkins said, “You’re going to lose your job for saying that.”

Evans countered, “I get paid by the government” as she walked back toward the couple with her arms crossed. Jenkins replied, “You can’t say that word.”

While facing the camera head-on, Evans repeated the slur. “Really, n***er? You’re a n***er, honey. Do you think because you’re not brown you’re not a n***er?”

Jenkins asked, “What the f*ck is wrong with you?” Evans replied, “Um, n***ers waking me up at 4, no, I’m sorry 3.30?” Evans walked away at that point and was heard explaining, “Hang on, I’ve got a phone too, babes. I’m going to use it to call the cops.” Jenkins responded, “Good, call them.”

As Evans turned to enter her home, she was then heard verbally targeting the man. “You’re getting in your car drunk, bro? Or you just high on meth?”

It’s unclear what the man said in response. But Jenkins called out, “High on meth? That’s you. You’re the one with no teeth.”

Jenkins Called the Police The Following Day to Complain Evans Had Aimed a Security Camera at Her Home

Heavy reached out to the Adrian Police Department to confirm whether Evans followed through on her threat to call the police. Chief of Police Vince Emrick explained in a phone call that the department actually learned of this incident through Jenkins.

Emrick said Jenkins called the police on June 28 around 9:30 in the evening to complain that a neighbor, whom she believed to be Evans, was pointing a security camera at her home. Emrick explained that Jenkins also showed officers the video of the exchange with Evans.

Emrick confirmed that a “disorderly conduct” report was filed. His department forwarded the report to the prosecutor’s office to determine whether charges will be filed.

Evans Wrote That She Was ‘Geeked’ After Rapper Ice-T Described Her as the ‘Racist of the Day’

Jessica Evans adrian michigan

FacebookJessica Evans

Jenkins’ video has been retweeted more than 60,000 times. One of the people who shared it was rapper Ice-T, who described Evans as the “racist of the day.”

Evans saw this post and commented about it on her Facebook page. She appeared to be excited about getting attention from Ice-T. She didn’t directly address the confrontation with Jenkins but wrote that she felt “quite sorry” for “race baiters.”

Ice T tweeted me 😃😃😃
He called me the racist of the day 😏
but hey ya’ll Ice T tweeted me 😃😃😃
You got me messed up if you don’t think that got me geeked 😆
Race baiters can’t bother me; I actually feel quite sorry for you 😕
It’s sad to have so much hate and hurt inside that you want to spread misery. You can’t spread that over here sad babies. Shit don’t spread on ice cold 💅💅💅

According to Newsweek, Evans further commented on the confrontation in a second Facebook post that has since been deleted. The outlet reported Evans wrote, “I called some very white people the n-word. And all these crazy racists associated it with black people and call me the bad guy. That’s super weird guys cuz… race wasn’t involved in this at all… black people weren’t involved… Arabs weren’t involved… just a white lady calling some meth heads the n-word because they’ve kept me up every night since they moved in.”

Jessica Evans adrian mi


Jenkins described her political views on Facebook as being “hard right.” She listed Detroit as her hometown and wrote that she is a widow. She did not list a job on the account.

A Woman Who Identified Herself as Evans’ Daughter Claimed Evans Used Drugs & Was Abusive

A woman who uses the name “Destiny Damn” on Twitter identified herself as Evans’ daughter on Twitter. She shared Jenkins’ video on June 28 and wrote:

It’s mad crazy waking up to see your mom being retweeted all over Twitter. I am so embarrassed and ashamed. This “woman” made the first 16 years of my life a living hell. She was addicted to crack for a good portion of my childhood and she was every type of abusive.

Another Twitter user shared a screengrab of another message that appeared to be from Destiny’s Facebook page. In that post, she described Evans as “wildly abusive” and said she was kept home from school if she had visible bruises. She alleged Evans made her sleep on the kitchen floor without a pillow as a form of punishment. Destiny also alleged that Evans had a son whom she gave up for adoption because he was “too dark.”

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