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Scott Allie, the former editor-in-chief of Dark Horse Comics, has been accused of sexual assault by another former editor, Shawna Gore. Gore took to Twitter on June 24 to detail abuse she said she suffered at Allie’s hands over many years, including an incident in 1999. Gore said Allie’s behavior lasted for years despite her turning down his advances.

Dark Horse Comics responded to Gore’s allegations, saying they support her coming forward and that they will no longer be working with Allie in the future. Dark Horse Comics posted the statement to Twitter with the caption: “We believe Shawna Gore. Effective immediately, Dark Horse Comics will not be working with Scott Allie now or in the future. We apologize to fans, creators and employees for all the damage and hurt Scott has caused.”

Mike Mignola, Hellboy writer, also wrote on Twitter that he would be cutting ties with Allie in the wake of Gore’s accusation. Allie and Mignola worked together on Hellboy and B.P.R.D. for years and were working together on a Frankenstein project until today, CBR reported.

Allie has not yet publicly addressed Gore’s allegations.

Gore Posted a Lengthy Message to Twitter Detailing What Happened Between Her & Allie

Gore posted her story on Twitter on June 24, writing the caption: “I have made the decision to come forward with my own experience of abuse in the comics industry. I am not the one at fault and the shame I have felt is not mine to carry. I was assaulted, harassed, and retaliated against by Scott Allie during our tenure at Dark Horse.”

Gore’s message states that the abuse occurred over 14 years. She begins by outlining an event she says occurred in Chicago in 1999. Gore says Allie sexually assaulted her in the backseat of a minivan after a convention when he slid his hand down her pants despite her saying she “struggled and begged him to stop.” She says she had been the Dark Horse Comics publicist for two years at the time and had already told him she did not want to pursue a romantic relationship with him. Gore also said that Allie’s behavior became routine and she “learned to live with it.”

Gore mentions that Allie was involved in an incident in 2015 when she says he “drunkenly assaulted” one of her friends at San Diego Comic-con. At the time, Gore says Allie went to rehab and admitted to “engaging in abusive behaviors while he was drinking.” However, she says she wanted to speak up because she believes Allie has not addressed his actions when he wasn’t drinking and “has done no work” or “paid no dues.” Dark Horse Comics addressed the 2015 incident at the time, according to a CBR article.

Dark Horse Comics Is An American Comic Book & Manga Publisher

Dark Horse Comics, founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, is an American comic book and manga publisher. According to its website, it is the third-largest comics publisher in the country. Notable Dark Horse Comics include Hellboy, Fight Club 2, Lady Killer and Harrow County. CBR reports that Allie started working as an editor in the mid-1990s on the Dark Horse Presents anthology with Bob Schreck.

Allie was the editor-in-chief from 2012 to 2015, at which point he became the executive senior editor. In 2017, Allie left the full-time position but continued working with Dark Horse Comics as a freelance writer and editor. During his time at the company, he worked on some of its biggest projects, including Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Umbrella Academy.

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