WATCH: Armed Men Protecting Philadelphia Columbus Statue Attack Reporter

White vigilantes

Unicorn Riot

A group of white men and women attacked a reporter multiple times in Philadelphia over the weekend as 6ABC reports they stood with bats and guns near a statue of Christopher Columbus in an attempt to keep it “safe” from protesters.

In one instance, the reporter for Unicorn Riot, a self-described nonprofit “educational media organization,” was hit on the head and crowd members dragged his bike away and slashed its tires.

A day later, 6ABC reporter George Solis shared video of the same reporter being attacked, and men in the crowd can clearly be heard saying, “That’s the one from yesterday!” and “Kill him!” about the journalist.

One of the videos has since been viewed over 3 million times, with many Twitter users rushing to identify the white men in the video who attacked the reporter. The reporter has not been named.

Unicorn Riot tweeted after the incident, “Our Philadelphia reporter is safe and unharmed apart from some small bruises. This thread documents the escalating right-wing violence in the last few days in South Philly, where Columbus statue vigilantes are successfully courting favor from the Philly PD’s 1st District.”

The videos are from incidents that took place on June 13 and 14, respectively.

Here’s what you need to know:

One Man Approached the Reporter With a Bat Before Others Slashed His Bike Tires

In one video, a group of men circles around the reporter, with one man exclaiming, “You’re so scared! Aren’t you embarrassed?” and another man approaching the reporter with a bat.

The reporter says, “I can give you my business card, sir, if there’s a problem.”

At one point, when the reporter asks the men what they think of Columbus’s violent history, one man replies, “That’s cause they were f**king savages.”

A group of men then drags the reporter’s bike away and slashes its tires.

24 Hours Later, Columbus Defenders Attacked the Same Journalist Again in the Same Location: ‘Kill Him!’

Twenty-four hours after the first video posted by Unicorn Riot, the account posted a second video of a larger crowd in the same location. In that video, a reporter is seen videotaping the incident before members of the crowd recognize him from the previous day and attack him, with one man clearly yelling, “Kill him!”

Unicorn Riot shared multiple videos of numerous instances in which Columbus defenders attacked the Unicorn Riot reporter that night.

They tweeted, “We lost track of how many times we were assaulted in/around Marconi Plaza by vigilantes tonight. When cops did step in, they made it clear they saw us as the problem and repeatedly tried to make us leave (which would obviously negate our ability to document vigilante activity).”

Here’s another video:

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney tweeted Sunday that he is “aware of an apparent assault caught on video tape, as well as possible restrictions placed on journalists filming the event. These incidents are under investigation at this time.”

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