WATCH: Man Fights His Way Inside Orlando Walmart Without Mask, Defying COVID-19 Rule

orlando walmart mask video

Twitter Screenshots from the Orlando Walmart mask video.

An elderly man fought his way into an Orlando, Florida, Walmart store without a mask, defying COVID-19 rules that required shoppers to wear one. You can watch the intense video later in this story.

In the video, a store employee holds his hands out and tries to stop the man from entering the store. The worker is wearing a mask. The man is not wearing a mask, however.

“You gotta wear a mask, bro. Everyone gotta wear a mask, man,” a man narrating the video says.

The older man without the mask falls on the ground but gets up. He pushes the store employee at one point. “I need you out,” the worker says. The man, who is wearing shorts, ignores the employee and keeps walking into the store, making it inside despite the worker’s attempts to keep him out.

“This is too funny,” the narrator says, laughing at different points in the video.

The man makes it inside the store, but the worker continues to follow him, and they make physical contact again in the store aisle. The video has had more than 9 million views. The elderly man’s name is not clear.

Watch the video here:

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The woman who posted the video wrote, “On god! Like why you so angry stay yo ass in the house then if you don’t want to wear it.” She also wrote, “Meanwhile in Florida clear folks feeling entitled lol.”

Here’s what you need to know:

A Second Video Shows More of the Encounter Between the Worker & the Elderly Maskless Man

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According to TMZ, the incident occurred in Orlando, Florida. The Walmart store has a “mandatory mask policy,” the site explained.

In the second video, the narrator says, “He’s just doing his job, man. C’mon, man.”

The older man says to the Walmart worker, “I ain’t done sh-t to you.”

“You’re spitting all over the f*cking place. Leave,” the worker says.

At one point, another shopper even offered the elderly man a spare mask to no avail.

“I NEVER need anything in Walmart that bad. Order it on Amazon and sit on your front porch!!!” a woman wrote on the comment thread.

COVID-19 Is On The Rise in Florida

Coronavirus has been spiking in Florida, where the incident occurred, which helps explain the store’s vigilance about masks.

According to the State of Florida, as of June 22, 2020, COVID-19 testing results showed the following:




A public health advisory from the state of Florida says, “FDOH advises all residents to wear masks in public and socially distance.” The state’s COVID-19 dashboard includes this data for Orange County, which includes Orlando.

Total Cases: 5,157
Residents: 5,034
Residents Not in Florida: 1
Non-Residents: 122

Conditions and Care
Deaths: 49
Residents: 408
Non-Residents: 37

Demographics of Cases

Age Range: 0 to 101
Median Age: 34

Male: 2,613 (52%)
Female: 2,355 (47%)
Unknown/No data: 67 (READ NEXT: Officer Derek Chauvin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know