WATCH: ‘You About to Lose Your Job’ Remixes From iMarkkeyz

'You About to Lose Your Job' Remix

Twitter/DJ Akademiks

“You About to Lose Your Job” is a viral video showing a woman in handcuffs next to a police officer. The woman begins singing to the officer, “You about to lose your job” while also telling him to “get this dance.”

The original video showing the woman in handcuffs began to spread on social media on June 3, according to TMZ’s report on the viral sensation. By June 4, multiple remix DJs across the country had dropped versions of the video with a beat in the backdrop. TMZ referred to the arrest as occurring in “Somewhere, USA.”

One of the most famous DJs to do so is DJ iMarkkeyz. He’s the DJ behind the viral sensation that was Cardi B’s Coronavirus remix. For this remix, DJ iMarkkeyz collaborated with DJ Suede. The Cardi B song saw the Bronx-born rapper yelling, “Coronavirus! That s*** is real.”

iMarkkeyz Is the Man Who Brought the World Cardi B’s ‘Coronavirus’ Remix

The “You about to lose your job” video showed groups of people dancing as well as Seasame Street’s Elmo bouncing along to the beat. The video includes clips from Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N***a” video as well as Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” video. The video concludes with pictures of the officers who have been implicated in the death of George Floyd with the word “Charged” written underneath. Vulture referred to the remix as providing a “twerkable beat.”

DJ iMarkkeyz and DJ Suede’s video has been viewed more than 23,000 times. In posting the song to his Instagram page, DJ iMarkkeys tagged the account @Getthisdance. The operator of that account has identified herself as the woman in the video. In the bio section of that page, the woman refers to herself as the “Lose yo job girl” and “Lil Mama.” The woman provides links to a Venmo account and a Cashapp account. The bio includes the quote, “Is this s*** worth you losing yo job?” Heavy has reached out to the operator of the account for comment on this story.

The Police Officer in the Video Can Be Seen Laughing at the Woman’s Antics

The woman, whose identity is not known at this point, nor is the time and date of her detainment, asks the officer, “Why are you detaining me? You about to lose yo job.” The woman then begins singing, “You about to lose your job. Get this dance. You about to lose your job ’cause you are detaining me for nothing.” Toward the end of the video, the police officer struggles to retain his composure as he begins to smile at the woman’s antics.

One of the first remixes of the arrest video was dropped by DJ Akademiks on June 3, which you can view above.

At the time of writing, DJ Akademiks video has been viewed more than 40,000 times.

Another Widely Viewed Remix of the Video Was Dropped by Random J Pop on June 4

Another viral remix was dropped on June 4 by Random J Pop.

So far, Random J Pop’s version has been viewed close to 40,000 times. At least one YouTuber has questioned the contents of the video. CodeBlaque Facts labeled the video as “not funny” in a June 4 video. One section of the video includes the words:

Black women, we must protect our own positive images. Black women, we must promote our own positive images. Black women, we must correct the negative promotion/images.

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