Davonte Bryant: 9-Year-Old Louisiana Boy Killed in Triple Shooting

Davonte Presser

New Orleans Police Department Facebook New Orleans Police Department Chief Shaun Ferguson, R, and Mayor LaToya Cantrell, L, provide updates on a triple shooting that left one juvenile dead and two teens injured.

A Louisiana family is mourning the death of a 9-year-old boy after he was shot and killed Monday in a triple shooting.

Davonte Bryant was identified as the victim of the New Orleans shooting, which occurred shortly after 5 p.m and left two teenagers wounded, according to Nola.com. The boy died at the scene due to a gunshot wound to the head, while a 13-year-old boy was shot in the leg and a girl near 15 or 16 was shot in the stomach, the outlet disclosed.

The teens were taken to the hospital by EMS and are currently in stable condition, police said in an online statement.

New Orleans Police Chief Shaun Ferguson and Mayor LaToya Cantrell condemned the incident during a press briefing.

“At a time in which we as a society are talking about social justice versus social injustice, we as a community need to take a look at ourselves and what it is that we are accepting as a norm that we should not be accepting as a norm with Black-on-Black violence,” Ferguson said.

Although police have not released details surrounding a motive or possible suspect, the Mayor assured that an active investigation is underway.

“It is not only unfortunate, it is unacceptable behavior that we cannot accept,” she said at the briefing. “It is under active investigation, make no mistake about that. We will ensure justice at every single level.”

You can watch the full press conference below:

Homicide Detective Jamaane Roy is leading the ongoing investigation, according to the department’s website, and can be reached at 504-658-5300 with any information regarding the incident.

Here’s what we know so far:

‘He Was a Baby, an Innocent Baby’

Authorities disclosed to Nola.com that the victims were standing in the street when another group approached them and began to fire. At least one suspect approached them on foot.

Donald Bryant, Davonte’s father, told WWL-TV in an interview Monday that he saw his son unresponsive on the ground near their 7th Ward home.

“He was a baby, an innocent baby. He’s my baby,” the father tearfully said to the station. “I walked outside, he was just lying there. I picked him up and I laid him on the sofa. He was just not responding.”

Davonte, also known as “D-Man,” would have turned 10 on July 31, WWL-TV added.

The boy’s family described him as a lover of sports and a fan of TikTok dances, the station said. Davonte was also friendly with his neighbors.

The family is now demanding justice for the slain boy, the outlet continued.

Police Released an Image of a White, Two-Door Jeep Wrangler They Say was a Potential Getaway Car

White jeep

New Orleans Police Department

Investigators said in an online statement that the vehicle did not have a license plate at the time of the incident, but that it has “black rims with wide off-road tires and dark tinted windows.”

They also said three people sporting dark clothing, hoodies and face masks were believed to be inside the car, according to the statement.

Ferguson is now turning to the public for help.

“I am pleading with you, the community, to come forward with any information,” Ferguson said during the recent press briefing. “We do not want any street justice. We do not want any more blood on our streets.”

A $5,000 reward for information leading to arrests has been issued by Crimestoppers New Orleans, WWL-TV reported. (You can call their hotline anonymously at 504-822-1111).

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