WATCH: Sky News’ Reporter Deborah Haynes’ Son Asks for 2 Biscuits Live on Air

Deborah Haynes

Screengrab via Sky News

Deborah Haynes is Sky News foreign affairs editor. During a July 1 appearance on the network, Haynes was interrupted by her son who asks his mother if he can have “two biscuits.” The original video of the incident was spread on Twitter by broadcaster Scott Bryan. Haynes was doing a report from her home in Kent when her son walks in.

Haynes describes herself as being “embarrassed” and tries to get her son to stop talking. Her son asks, “Can I have two biscuits?” Haynes replies by saying, “Yes, you can have two biscuits.” At that point the camera cut away from Haynes’ report.

It Isn’t the First Time That Haynes’ Children Have Appeared on Screen

The video elicited strong opinions on Twitter with one user saying, “He knew what he was doing – gaining leverage in the snack negotiations. If mum hadn’t been on the telly, he’d have ended up with a piece of fruit. Two biscuits – great result.”

In 2013, The Daily Telegraph reported that Haynes “inadvertently made a big statement” when she made an appearance on Sky News while bouncing her baby on her knee. The newspaper said that Haynes was appearing on the network to report on military spending cuts. The Telegraph’s Aislinn Laing wrote that “working parents everywhere enjoyed the moment so much.” The article went on to say that her baby, Grace’s, appearance on the network was not a “planned statement.” At the time, Haynes was on maternity leave from her role at The Times. Linn said that “baby Grace behaved impeccably, even gazing placidly at the camera when she was held up by her mother after the Sky News interviewer observed that she had a “junior correspondent” on her lap.”

In the same interview, Haynes spoke about learning that she was pregnant with her first child, Leo, while she was based in Iraq.

Haynes Has Reported on Conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya

Prior to working at Sky News, Haynes was an award-winning defense reporter for The Times of London. Haynes was decorated for her reporting from Iraqi interpreters who were working for the British military. Her awards included the Bevins Prize for Investigative Journalism and the Amnesty International UK Media Award.

Haynes was appointed as foreign affairs editor by Sky News in May 2018, according to the Press-Gazette. Haynes replaced Sam Kiley in the role. Kiley went on to work for CNN.

Since joining Sky News, Haynes has reported on Brexi in Europe and Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States, according to her official profile on the network’s website. That profile also says that in addition to reporting from Iraq, Haynes has also reported on conflicts in Afghanistan and Libya. Haynes also worked for the AFP and Reuters. She is fluent in Japanese and French.

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