WATCH: Kanye West Cried at Rally, Saying ‘I Almost Killed My Daughter’


Kanye West hosted an emotional, passionate first campaign rally on Sunday, while he talked a lot about his faith in God and his desire to change the system. At one point, he started crying while talking about how he had almost encouraged Kim Kardashian to abort his daughter, North, and how his dad had wanted to abort him too. He then talked about plans for encouraging people not to have abortions.

‘I Almost Killed My Daughter,’ He Told the Crowd While Crying

The tears started flowing during his emotional rally, while West spoke quickly about the topic of abortion. A video below shows the moment when West was crying.

Here’s another video in case the video above is taken down.

Before he started crying, West had talked extensively about the topic of abortion and how he had, at one point, been tempted to encourage his own daughter to be aborted. He also said that his mom saved him when his dad did the same.

“In the Bible it says thou shalt not kill,” he said at his rally. “I remember that my girlfriend called me screaming and crying… She said, I’m pregnant… She was crying… She had the pills in her hand where you take it and the baby’s gone…”

He also talked about how his mother saved his life, just before he began crying.

“My mom saved my life. My dad wanted to abort me,” he told the crowd. “…There would have been no Kanye West because my dad was too busy.”

Someone yelled, “We love you Kanye!”

And West said to the crowd, while crying: “I almost killed my daughter!”

West got so emotional while talking about abortion that he started crying. He also said: “Even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech — she brought North into this world, even though I didn’t want her to.”

West talked about how Kardashian had called him when she was pregnant, scared that she got AIDS from his lifestyle choices, Us Magazine reported. The two then talked about possibly having her take a pill to end her pregnancy.

On Twitter, people couldn’t stop talking about how Kanye was crying during the rally.

Some said they were concerned about West. One person wrote: “Watching that vid of Kanye crying on stage is heartbreaking man, he needs to see a therapist or something.” 

One person wrote: “Kanye crying hurts my soul.” 

Another person wrote: “At least I know an empathetic human is still inside of me because that video of Kanye crying made me feel awful.” 

Many on Twitter said the moment was heartbreaking.

People who tuned in to see him crying but weren’t sure what else was going on were confused. One person wrote: “Kanye West is wearing a security vest and crying on stage a rally in South Carolina. What is this timeline we are living in?” 

Some people on Twitter said it was the first time they had ever seen West crying.

West later said that abortion should stay legal because “the law is not by God anyway.” But he said he wants to encourage people not to have abortions and he wants people to choose Plan A over Plan B. He mentioned briefly an idea of paying people to keep their babies, but the details of that plan weren’t quite clear. 

West first announced his campaign on July 4, 2020. Now his website,, is asking people to sign a petition to get him on the South Carolina ballot. A source close to West’s campaign told Politico that he’s registered in two states so far and doesn’t have a logo for his campaign yet.

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