Kaori Dominick aka Kathalina Lopez: Porn Star Wanted in Colombia, Accused of Sex Act on Bus

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Screengrab via YouTube/Kaori Dominick Kaori Dominick pictured on the only video on her YouTube channel.

Kaori Dominick aka Kathalina Lopez, a Colombian adult actress, is wanted by authorities in the city of Cali after she was recorded masturbating on a city bus without wearing a mask.

El Tiempo in Cali reported that the video showing Dominick was uploaded to PornHub on June 28. Heavy has found that the video first appeared on Dominick’s Twitter account on June 10. The video has since been removed. The video was titled, “STRANGER CONTROLS MY VIBRATOR TILL I S***** ON THE BUS + THEN STEALS MY THONG.” The video had nearly 300,000 views at the time it was removed.

The president of Metro Cali, the company that runs bus service in Cali, Oscar Ortiz, tweeted, via Google Translate:

We categorically reject this type of act, given that the entity promotes actions of citizen culture, good behavior and respect for the other. The respective internal investigation will be carried out and will be made available to the Police so that they can also investigate and, if it is the In any case, sanction the person with the Police Code. The MIO system must be respected, because it is a public good and use for the Cali community.

Dominick Is Active on the Website Chaturbate With Her Fiancee, Michael

Kaori7dominick !! How Chaturbate can really change your life ♥This is our video for chaturbate's april video contest 2020. #ContestApril2020 With this video we have the opportunity to show all of you how great chaturbate is and how it has actually changed our lives. #Aprilvideocontest #Chaturbatevideocontest2020-04-30T04:27:32Z

Dominick maintains a profile alongside her fiance, Michael, on the website Chaturbate. The couple performs together. In their bio section, the couple says that they are interested in, “Men, Women, Trans, Couples.” The couple has 167,655 followers on the profile.

In the only video on the couple’s YouTube channel, the pair says that they through Chaturbate after both were introduced to it by the same friend. They said that the site “changed our lives.” The couple says in that video that they are engaged. Michael says in the video that the couple has traveled the world with Chaturbate in order to attend different events. The video includes a clip of the couple accepting an award as the “Best Colombian Chaturbate Couple.” The video is described as giving “the opportunity to show all of you how great Chaturbate is and how it has actually changed our lives.”

On her Twitter bio, Dominick won “Best Model Chaturbate 2019” and was nominated “best cam couple @avnawards.” Dominick has close to 50,000 followers on the site. At the time of writing, Dominick’s account has been set to private. Dominick’s Instagram profile has also been set to private. She has nearly 94,000 followers on that page.

In the Wake of the Scandal, Dominick Uploaded a New Video to Her Account

kathalina7777 twitter


According to Dominick’s Pornhub page, she is ranked as the 371st most visited model on the side. Dominick has accumulated 1.1 million video views and has over 5,000 subscribers. In several videos, Dominick refers to Michael as her “husband.” The most recent upload on her page came on June 30. It is titled, “Kathalina7777 Actress Of Public Bus In Colombia This Time Seduces A Stranger From Uber.”

According to one online adult retailer, the device used in the June 2020 video is known as a Flamingo, a remote-controlled sex toy.

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