Maxx Cheng: 13-Year-Old California Boy Dies After Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms

Maxx Cheng

GoFundMe Maxx Cheng.

A California family is mourning the death of a 13-year-old boy after he died while experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Maxx Cheng of Claremont began feeling sick with coronavirus symptoms on the Fourth of July, CBS Los Angeles reported. Although he tested negative for the virus on July 9, he passed away in his home on July 16.

His family is now concerned that Maxx, who was a young and otherwise healthy child, could be the latest victim of the pandemic, the outlet continued.

“His symptoms matched, but then the test came out negative,” Charlotte Cheng, Maxx’s sister, told CBS Los Angeles. “So we were a little bit confused.”

“We went to go check up on him, like we normally do,” she added. “He wasn’t answering. We found him passed out in the room.”

Charlotte Cheng explained to the station that her brother began showing symptoms on Independence Day like vomiting and chest pains.

“Nausea, vomiting, chest pains,” she stated. “That list that pops up, a little bit, on that initial search, he had all of those symptoms.”

CBS Los Angeles disclosed that Maxx began to self-isolate despite the fact that he tested negative for the virus.

During isolation, the 13-year-old’s condition appeared to improve, Charlotte Cheng told the outlet.

His fever broke and his cough had slowed, she said.

“There was almost no cough,” Charlotte Cheng told CBS Los Angeles. “The fever had gone down three days before he passed.”

An autopsy report determining the boy’s official cause of death is expected in the coming days, the station reported.

Maxx Had Dreams of Going to the Olympics

A GoFundMe for the Cheng family was created on July 17 by “3 moms who watched” Maxx grow up. The page has a goal of raising $40,000 and describes Maxx as an “intelligent” and charming young man.

“Maxx Cheng was one of Claremont’s finest young men who was recently lost during this pandemic. Maxx was athletic, intelligent, funny, and mature and was voted Class President of Chaparral Elementary before heading off to El Roble,” the website reads. “He played the viola with El Roble’s orchestra, was part of El Roble’s Speech and Debate team and competed in swimming.”

The fundraiser claims all proceeds will go directly to Maxx Cheng’s mother, Yahrlyn Cheng, to “manage the final arrangements.”

All additional funds will go toward a college fund for Maxx’s twin brother Leo, and his sister Charlotte, the page continues.

So far, more than 800 people have donated over $50,000.

Charlotte Cheng told CBS Los Angeles that her brother had ambitions of going to the Olympics.

“He had this, like, dream of wanting to go to the Olympics,” she said.

A New Study Shows That Children Between 10 & 19 Can Spread COVID-19 as Well as Adults


GettyA temporary hospital is seen in Indio, California on March 29, 2020.

Although only 7 percent of Los Angles County’s confirmed coronavirus cases involve children, CBS Los Angeles reported, a new South Korean study claims tweens and teens are just as likely to spread the virus as adults, according to the New York Times.

Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told NYT that other European and Asian studies claiming young children are less likely to become infected and spread the virus are flawed.

He described the most recent study as “very carefully done,” the newspaper reported.

“It’s systematic and looks at a very large population,” Jha explained to NYT. “It’s one of the best studies we’ve had to date on this issue.”

The findings also suggest that communities should expect to see “clusters of infection” as schools reopen, the Times said.

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