Quran Campbell & Shaborn Banks: Men Accused of Attacking NYPD Officers

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NYPD News Twitter The scene of the attack.

Quran Campbell and Shaborn Banks are two Bronx men who were accused in connection with an attack on New York City police, leaving the chief and three other officers injured.

The arrests stem from a brawl at the Brooklyn Bridge, in which protesters against gun violence clashed with counterprotesters and police, CBS New York reported.

The 25-year-old men are being charged with assault on a police officer, a felony, according to online court records. Banks is facing an additional charge of criminal possession of a weapon, while Campbell is looking at three counts of resisting arrest and three counts of assault on a police officer, the records show.

Authorities claim Campbell clocked Chief Terence A. Monahan in the face several times after already punching another officer and lieutenant, the New York Post said.

Banks is accused of attacking the “same lieutenant, Richard Mack, of the department’s Strategic Response Group, multiple times in the face,” the outlet continued.

Both of Mack’s orbital bones were broken, the Post said. He received 12 stitches in his face at the hospital.

As nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man who died while in police custody, continue, Monahan noted on Good Day New York that “anarchists” are intercepting peaceful movements, according to the New York Post.

“This is what we dealt with since the first protest after George Floyd,” he said during the show, the Post reported. “It is a legitimate movement, but it is being hijacked by these anarchists, and they are the ones that have been attacking our police officers [and] are out hiding behind the many, many peaceful protesters that are out there.”

The unity march against gun violence took a sharp turn when police and counterprotesters confronted the march on the Brooklyn Bridge, CBS New York reported.

Counterprotesters believed the unity demonstrators were “being too friendly to police” and stepped into the street to block traffic, the station said. Dozens were arrested as a result.

Here is everything you need to know about Quran Campbell and Shaborn Banks:

1. Campbell Has Been Released Without Bail

quran charges

New York State Unified Court System

Campbell was arraigned on assault charges in Manhattan criminal court and granted supervised release, according to the New York Post, which added that he was released “without bail.”

Online court records list his next appearance as October 14 of this year.

Campbell’s release comes after Gov. Andrew Cuomo in April backed a bill to roll back bail reform stemming from 2019, according to the Marshall Project.

The New York legislature passed “one of the most progressive bail-reform packages in the United States” last year, the organization said, eliminating bail for many misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes.

2. Shaborn Was Held on $10,000 Bail

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New York State Unified Court System

The New York Post reported that Shaborn, who is facing assault and criminal possession charges, was arraigned and held on bail.

Police claimed to have found a Taser in the 25-year-old’s pocket, as well as a folding knife in his shoe, the newspaper continued.

Chanice Reyes, 24, of Morris Plains, New Jersey, was also accused of two counts of assault on a police officer.

3. Police Released a Video of the Brawl on Twitter

NYPD News posted on Twitter footage of the Brooklyn brawl, showing a group of protesters attacking three officers over a fence.

The 10-second clip captures a man sporting a bandanna and purple shirt striking the officers with what appears to be a rod.

One officer is seen walking away while holding his head.

“Three officers violently attacked by protesters crossing the Brooklyn Bridge,” the videos caption read. “The officers sustained serious injuries. This is not peaceful protest, this will not be tolerated.”

4.The New York City Mayor Condemned Protesters

bill de blasio

GettyNew York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Mayor Bill de Blasio condemned the protesters who attacked police, calling their actions “absolutely unacceptable,” according to the New York Daily News.

“I talked to Terry Monahan after I heard that he was there,” the mayor told reporters during a briefing, the outlet claimed. “Thank God he’s okay. There’s no situation where it’s acceptable to attack a police officer, period.”

“Anyone who does that will suffer the consequences,” he added. “We’ve said this now for months. Peaceful protest is honored in New York City. It always has been. There’s no acceptable violent protest.

5. NYPD Said 37 People Were Arrested During the Brawl

The New York Post reported that 37 people were arrested in connection with the protests, according to police.

The incident comes at a time when law enforcement is critical of new police reform, including the banning chokeholds, CBS New York said.

“If the mayor were doing his job properly, we wouldn’t have these issues. If the DAs were prosecuting the laws, we wouldn’t have these issues. What we are seeing right now is chaos in the city of New York and the victims are minorities,” Ed Mullins, the president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said to the station.

CBS New York said state trooper union leaders are claiming that the new reforms jeopardize trooper safety during arrests in which people resist.

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