WATCH: ‘Rancho Mirage Karen’ Demands Landscaper’s Citizenship Papers

Rancho Mirage Karen

Karens Gone Wild Twitter The City of Rancho Mirage announced an investigation into a woman dubbed "Rancho Mirage Karen." The unknown woman was filmed making racist comments to landscaper Juan Andrade.

A California city is investigating an unknown woman who was filmed in a now-viral video making racist comments toward a landscaper.

Juan Andrade was recently mowing the lawn at an apartment complex in Rancho Mirage when he was approached by an unidentified woman, NBC Palm Springs reported. The woman demanded to see the landscaper’s citizenship papers.

Andrade, who has worked for a landscaping company in the city for 10 years, filmed the Parkview Villas encounter, the station continued.

The video was picked up by the popular Twitter account “Karens Gone Wild” and has since amassed more than 7,000 views on Twitter.

After many took to social media to condemn the woman’s behavior, Rancho Mirage City Attorney Steve Quintanilla and Housing Authority’s Manager Marcus Aleman announced plans for an investigation, NBC Palm Springs continued.

“The Rancho Mirage Housing Authority has a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior and the harassment of any one, including other tenants, visitors, guests and contracted vendors conducting work at its affordable senior housing properties,” they said in a joint statement obtained by the outlet.

The woman’s identity has not yet been confirmed, according to NBC Palm Springs.

Here’s what we know so far:

Andrade told NBC Palm Springs That This Wasn’t His First Encounter With the Woman

Rancho Mirage Karen

Karens Gone Wild TwitterAn unidentified woman dubbed “Rancho Mirage Karen” was filmed harassing landscaper Juan Andrade.

The landscaper told the station that the same woman approached him three months prior, telling him to “go back to his country.”

Andrade said he decided to film the most recent encounter to “show the that the valley isn’t exempt from the racist divide,” NBC wrote.

In the video, the woman is seen without a face mask blowing a kiss to Andrade before walking over to him. She then stands directly in front of him and asks to see his “papers.”

“Can you move? I”m doing my work.” Andrade tells her. “Can you stay away? You’re too close to me right now, and you’re not wearing a mask.”

“Show me your papers,” the woman says. “I want to see your papers.”

NBC Palm Springs reported that Andrade has informed his employers of the incident and plans to avoid the area.

“Based on what i have seen from her, i think she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. She believes she’s in the right, so I don’t think she’ll ever apologize,” said Andrade to the station.

A Go Fund Me Has Been Established to Support Andrade

The page was created July 18 by a person named Osvaldo Delgado in an effort to “show support for Juan Andrade.”

The Go Fund Me is seeking $10,000 and has begun circulating online.

Many have taken to Twitter to condemn the “Rancho Mirage Karen.”

Activist Pavel Paulinich of the “Karens Going Wilds” Instagram account, sought help in identifying the woman’s name.

“Please SHARE! Help us identify her!
RANCHO MIRAGE “KAREN” DEMANDS IMMIGRATION PAPERS FROM LANDSCAPER,” he wrote in a post alongside the video, which has more than 300,000 views.

The term “Karen” emerged as an insult for “white women being immortalized on the viral videos in which they are unwittingly starring,” Newsone writes.

Many “Karens” have hit the news as of late, gaining notoriety for allegations of racism or coronavirus criticisms.

Dianna Ploss, also known as “Radio Host Karen,” was fired from her radio job in New Hampshire after filming herself harassing a group of landscapers because they were speaking Spanish.

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