WATCH: Skechers ‘Karen’ Throws Shoe Boxes in Oklahoma City Store

skechers karen

Facebook The woman dubbed Skechers Karen throws a shoebox in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

A new video has captured an angry “Karen” throwing shoe boxes at an employee in a Skechers store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, because, according to the worker, she was asked to wear a mask. However, the woman forgot something important that made it easy to track her down: Her wallet.

Myah Joycelynn posted the video on Facebook, writing on July 8, 2020, “So this happened at work today…🙄 stupid Karens. All we wanted was for her to wear a mask pls share this lol I hope this lady is embarrassed of herself and her actions.”

Here’s the video:

The video shows a woman throwing several shoeboxes at an employee in the shoe store. “That’s assault, ma’am. We’re going to get your license number. What is your name?” The employee asks, going out into the parking lot, where the woman walked to and got inside her car. The woman who threw the shoes is not identified.

A woman asked Myah, “Have y’all been able to report her?? That’s assault and disorderly conduct for sure,” and Myah wrote back, “Oh yeah we sent it to news stations and have reported and my co worker pressed charges. Also the dumba*s left her wallet at the store so we turned that into the police as well lol.”

A “Karen” is a derogatory term, typically applied to middle-aged white women who get upset over small things. Mask requirements have sparked numerous conflicts throughout the country, some captured on video.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Woman Erupted When She Was Asked to Put on a Mask in the Store, Reports Say

According to KOCO News, it all started when the woman was asked to put on a mask.

The incident occurred at a Skechers store near Memorial Road and Pennsylvania Avenue in Oklahoma City, according to the television station.

According to Kansas, a police report indicates that the 56-year-old woman walked into the store without a mask despite a sign that announced one was required. She was told to wear one several times but continued shopping, according to the newspaper, which said the woman grew angry when she came to check out and was told to go buy one at Lowe’s and come back.

The newspaper reported that the shoe boxes struck the worker “in the neck and chest.”

So-Called ‘Karen’ Videos Have Hit the News

Permit Karen

Facebook/Fareed Nassor HyattSo-called “Permit Karen” was filmed yelling at her neighbors and calling the police on them when, they claimed, they were installing a stone patio in their backyard.

Many other videos of so-called Karens have hit the news lately. Some involve allegations of racism. A woman named Torrance Karen was accused of making racist remarks in a public park.

A woman named Permit Karen called the cops on her New Jersey neighbors. A Dallas, Texas “Karen” threw food out of a cart when asked to wear a mask in a grocery store.

A Trader Joe’s Karen refused to wear a mask and went on a tirade. A woman grew upset in a California Starbucks when asked to wear a mask. A woman sat down in a Costco store in Oregon after refusing to wear a mask.

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