WATCH: Woman Blown Back From Jeep Explosion After She’s Seen Pouring Liquid Inside the Vehicle

Woman Sets Jeep on Fire

YouTube/PPV Tahoe

A video circulating online this week shows a woman in a black hooded sweatshirt and wearing a face mask being blown back by the explosion of a black Jeep Cherokee after pouring something from red gasoline can in through the back passenger window.

The woman uses a barbecue grill-style lighter, stretching her arm inside the car, to ignite the liquid. The woman is knocked back, hitting against the parked car beside the Jeep. She then crawls away from the Jeep but returns to pick up the can, the lighter and a long, thin unidentified object. The video continues for more than 30 seconds, showing the Jeep engulfed in flames. At the time of writing, the woman in the video remains unidentified.

The Video Has Been Linked to an Incident in Madison, Wisconsin, but There Are Several Inconsistencies

Woman sets her boyfriends car on fire and takes off runningCAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman sets her boyfriends car on fire and takes off running *News and information use ONLY Cell phone video captures the moment a woman lights her boyfriends Jeep on fire.2020-07-23T05:07:39Z

The video has been linked to an incident that occurred in Madison, Wisconsin, though it appears to be an entirely separate case. In that case, NBC Madison reported that a woman named Kelly S. Hayes, 34, is accused of setting fire to her former boyfriend’s car in the city on July 21. Hayes is facing charges of arson and criminal damage to property in that case.

The Madison Police Department’s blog says the incident involving Hayes also involved a Chevy Impala, not a Jeep Cherokee. Police said the fire in that case was extinguished.

The police blog adds that Hayes is accused of breaking the vehicle’s windows with a baseball bat. The viral video shows the car’s windows to be intact. There is no sign of a baseball bat. Heavy has reached out to the Madison Police Department for comment but has not yet received a response.

One version of the video that has spread on Facebook gives the location as Dallas, Texas. Heavy has reached out to the Dallas Police Department for comment but has not yet received a response.

Arson Has a Long History of Being Involved in Stories of Scorned Lovers

Woman Watches Ex-Boyfriend Set Her Jeep On Fire In Grand CrossingA woman reported watching her ex-boyfriend set her Jeep on fire in the Grand Crossing neighborhood.2019-12-12T11:14:03Z

In December 2019, a woman told police in Chicago that she watched her ex-boyfriend set fire to her Jeep Cherokee, according to CBS Chicago. Nobody was harmed in that incident.

In March 2014, Corinne Latraverse was accused of setting fire to her boyfriend’s home in Rhode Island after she learned he had cheated on her, according to Patch. A similar incident occurred in Del City, Oklahoma, in January 2019 when a woman was accused of setting fire to her boyfriend’s home after she thought he was home with another woman, police said.

A woman in Houston was accused of setting fire to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, leaving behind notes that read, “I never cheated on you” and “Rich, I only want u sorry I have to do this,” reported the Houston Chronicle in September 2012. In July 2011, Earl Wilson was accused of burning down his girlfriend’s apartment in Orlando, Florida, after he accused her of cheating on him, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

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