Ari Fleischer Says Kamala Harris Not ‘Exciting to African Americans’

Ari Fleischer

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Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer is facing backlash online after he criticized Joe Biden’s vice president selection of Sen. Kamala Harris, calling her “not that historically exciting to African Americans.”

Fleischer expressed to Fox News host Laura Ingraham Tuesday night that the move will only tighten the presidential race.

“One, this race is going to tighten up even more. The reason is because Biden naming her reminds people that Biden exists,” the former While House press secretary said. “He is so much better off hiding in his bunker and not making any news that he is making news.”

“Secondly, I just question whether or not this is going to boost African American turnout at all. I don’t think it will,” the Fox News contributor continued. “She’s just not that historically exciting to African Americans, she certainly wasn’t during the primary, and that was the one of the biggest reasons Biden picked her in order to win. I don’t see it.”

Harris is of Jamaican and Indian descent and has the potential to become the first woman of color to serve as vice president should Biden come out on top in November, according to The Hill.

Journalist Roland Martin tweeted at Fleischer, “These comments by @AriFleischer are pure trash. He doesn’t know sh** about what the @KamalaHarris pick means to African Americans.”

Fleischer retorted on Twitter, “Sorry Roland, but I will never be party to the Balkanization of America, where one can only comment on politicians if they belong to one’s race or demographic group. Trends and history exist and I’m as free to comment on them as you are, because we’re both Americans.” He added, “The fact is black voter turnout historically has been about 10-11% of the electorate. It soared to 13% due to voter excitement for Obama in 2008 and 2012. It dropped to 12% for Hillary because she couldn’t match Obama levels of excitement. I believe it will return to its historical 10-11% rate in 2020. And nothing you say or do will stop me from commenting about trends in the electorate based on age, race, religion, region of the country or any other key demographic. And I expect you to do the same.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Many Were Quick to Mock Fleischer on Twitter for Speaking on Behalf of ‘African Americans’



Fleischer’s name was trending on Twitter as of early Wednesday morning, with scores of users calling him out for speaking on behalf of “African Americans.”

Below are some of the responses:

People leveled sharp criticism at Fleischer on Twitter. “I know when I want to know what the African American community is thinking, I always consult Ari Fleischer first,” wrote one man. “Ari should know about historically unexciting people, but he doesn’t in this case,” wrote another. A woman wrote, “@AriFleischer Nothing scares the republican party more than a strong confident African American woman!”

Fleischer Worked for the Administration of George W. Bush

olivia de havilland, olivia de havilland dead, olivia de havilland actress

GettyBush presenting the National Medal of Arts to Havilland in 2008.

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, Lawrence Ari Fleischer was born in New York and is best known as George W. Bush’s press secretary, a position he held from 2001 to 2003.

Before that, he was the communications director for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole when she ran for president in 2000. He also worked on Bush’s campaign for president. He is president of a communications company and appears on Fox News as a contributor, according to

The library reports that Fleischer has also worked as a press secretary for various members of Congress, and his use of language has draw controversy before, such as when he renamed suicide bombings “homicide bombings” in Israel.

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