WATCH: Hotel Employee & Guest Hit Each Other With Phone in Wild Brawl

Atlanta Hotel Brawl

Twitter Screengrab of the brawl in the hotel lobby.

A violent brawl between a guest and a hotel employee at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Atlanta Galleria was captured on video and the incident has gone viral. According to the New York Post, who obtained statements from hotel officials, the brawl occurred on Monday afternoon and began over a dispute about incidental charges.

The video is a compilation of three different clips showing the brawl between the two women progressing. It was posted to social media by The Neighborhood Talk’s account and has since been viewed over 1.6 million times. The video is available below:

The Fight Quickly Escalated, With Both Women Taking Turns Hitting Each Other With the Phone

The video shows a guest, who is wearing a yellow shirt and a purple backpack, yelling at an employee at the Embassy Suites in Atlanta and repeatedly asking for a manager. Neither the guest nor the employee has been publicly identified at this time. The video briefly cuts away and when it returns, viewers can see that the hotel employee is beating the female guest in the head with the phone receiver and pulling her away from the desk by her hair.

The video then shows the guest holding the phone by the cord and running toward the employee, eventually hitting her with the phone as onlookers move out of their way. The two women then end up in a corner, with the employee cornered and kicking at the guest. The employee then gets away and runs into a back office, dragging the phone with her due to the phone cord being wrapped around her leg.

The guest follows the employee behind the desk and tries to get into the back office as the video ends.

The Hotel Issued a Statement About the Incident, Supporting Their Employee & Saying the Video Posted Online Doesn’t Show the Whole Picture

Chris Daly, a spokesperson for the hotel, told the Post in an emailed statement that the dispute began after the guest questioned some of the incidental charges on her bill. The situation then “escalated very quickly” but the clips online don’t show the whole picture, Daly said. He told the outlet that the guest made the first move in an unprovoked attack on the employee who “defended herself” and attempted to disengage.

Daly also said that the employee filed a report with the local authorities afterward. Although she suffered only minor injuries, she is “shaken,” Daly said. “Please allow us to emphatically state that we do not condone this sort of activity in any way, shape or form. Violence is never the answer.” The hotel is saying they are supporting the employee and have asked anyone with more information to reach out.

Shenise McDonald, a Cobb County Officer, said an investigation is ongoing. The police department has not yet issued a warrant for the guest’s arrest, McDonald added, because the hotel did not have sufficient identifying information on the guest and she fled the scene after the incident.

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