Doctor Amputates Toe on Back Porch Citing a ‘Lapse of Judgement’



Dr. John Ure says he had “a lapse of judgment” when he amputated a patient’s toe on the back porch of his office in May 2016. But he didn’t lose his license to practice medicine just for cutting off someone’s gangrenous right pinky toe in unsanitary conditions.

According to documents filed by the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, Ure also neglected to document the surgery at all or anything having to do with it until Jan. 2017.

The board found that Ure didn’t document whether he prescribed any antibiotics before or after the surgery, and they say Ure neglected to document what he did during the procedure nor was there any follow-up documentation regarding how the patient was healing or any medications they may have been given for eight months after the primitive surgical procedure where Ure practiced his brand of alternative medicine.

The doctor’s Deepwater, MO office is described by the board as serving double duty as a “machine shed that lacked running water, restrooms, and an examination table.” They said that his choice to operate in non-sterile conditions was a failure to “properly guard against contagious, infectious or communicable diseases.”

According to the Associated Press, Ure said he did the amputation to help a friend who would not go to a hospital. Ure said the medical tools he used to do the operation were “absolutely perfectly sterile.”

Ure’s practice was called Down to Earth Medicine and on the website he wrote that he was disappointed in the state of health care today, saying, “This is what prompted me to offer patients a totally different health care approach.”

Ure Is Also Accused by the Missouri Board of Medical Board of Prescribing Controlled Substances for Non-Therapeutic Reasons

GettyThis illustration image shows tablets of opioid painkiller Oxycodon delivered on medical prescription taken on September 18, 2019 in Washington,DC. – Millions of Americans sank into addiction after using potent opioid painkillers that the companies churned out and doctors freely prescribed over the past two decades. Well over 400,000 people died of opioid overdoses in that period, while the companies involved raked in billions of dollars in profits.

Beyond the toe amputation, records filed by the State of Missouri’s medical board say that Ure prescribed two different patients controlled substances for about a year each from 2015 to 2016 without “without conducting sufficient physical examination or maintaining adequate records.”

In both cases Ure was found to have skipped any kind of exam before prescribing schedule II drugs, an he rarely followed up on drug testing that was part of the deal for the continued prescription. According to the Medical Board, when one of the patients did test positive for various drugs that were not prescribed to them, Ure still refilled their prescription anyway.

In another violation, he also re-prescribed Codeine to a patient who said their drugs were stolen even though that patient did not file a police report as is protocol.

The board said Ure “was repeatedly negligent, grossly negligent and incompetent,” for the way he cared for his patients.

His license was revoked in June of this year for a period of two years. According to the Missouri Division of Professional Registration, Ure was first issued his medical license in that state in 1983.

Ure’s Writings Show That he Doesn’t Trust the Government, the Media or Big Tech & Believes That COVID-19 Was Manufactured

Ure’s  Down to Earth Medicine website touts his perspectives on subjects some consider conspiracy theories, though he said he prefers the term “conspiracy facts.”

He speaks of Chemtrails, of COVID-19 being manufactured to kill off the elderly or maybe it was created as a means of germ warfare, he writes. He’s a proponent of Earthing, also known as grounding, which “refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems, some of them patented, that transfer the energy from the ground into the body,” according to the National Institutes of Health.

Ure’s Facebook page warns of 5G technology and even technology in general as a means of harming human health and he suggests that when people are tested for COVID-19 they are actually being infected by the tests.

On May 4 he wrote:

Please go to State of the Nation website. We are so under attack. I know that the 5g rollout is adversely affecting plants and animals. It was rolled out at the same time as these outbreaks. It is affecting the mitochondria of all cells. Turn off your cellphone at night. Do not have it in the bedroom. Turn off the wifi at night. Use wired computer hookups. Do not use blue tooth. Looks like the safest are the air column headphones. I am thinking that the so-called tests for COVID may be in fact giving the virus to the people. They have found COVID19 contaminated test kits. Read about the chemtrails on the above-noted site. Keep vigilant. WAKE UP PEOPLE Bottom line, WE are so screwed!!!!!!!!

While there is nothing on his Facebook page or his website noting that he lost his license to practice medicine two months ago, Ure was ordered by the medical board to inform all medical facilities he’s affiliated with about his license revocation. It’s not clear whether he did that, but his Facebook posts point to Ure being preoccupied with what he calls an attack.

On August 8 he wrote in part:

Those of you that know me will recognize that what we are seeing is exactly what I feared and have been warning about for years. We have to be careful what our sources are. If you do not get prepared quickly with food, water, and means of protection you will face very difficult times. Be very careful who you trust. I urge you to get out of the city NOW!

Ure can file to have his medical license reinstated on June 17, 2022.

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