Hurricane Laura Topples Louisiana Confederate Statue Officials Voted to Keep

Lake Charles confederate statue

Courtesy Bryan and Andrew Beam Hurricane Laura knocked down a 105-year-old monument to the Confederacy in Lake Charles, Louisiana, locals reported.

A monument to the Confederacy in the middle of the nationwide debate over historical statues that have outlived their appropriateness had its fate decided by Mother Nature on August 27 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The South’s Defenders Memorial Monument was erected in 1915 as a memorial to those who died in the Civil War defending the Confederacy. A state judge in June came out publicly against it, local NBC affiliate KPLC reported. And, just two weeks ago, local officials voted to keep the controversial statue where it was.

However, sometime on Thursday morning, as Hurricane Laura began to batter the state, causing mass evacuations, her winds lashed the monument strongly enough to topple it, multiple Twitter users reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hurricane Laura Swept Ashore in Louisiana Wednesday Night & Thursday Morning, With 150-Mile-Per-Hour Winds, Damaging Buildings in Lake Charles

Hurricane Laura Photos

GettyA main street is empty as people seek safe shelter before the arrival of Hurricane Laura on August 26, 2020 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Lake Charles bore a great deal of the Category 4 hurricane‘s wrath as it tore facades from buildings and toppled telephone poles, the New York Times reported.

Around noontime on Thursday, a dangerous cloud moved over the region thanks to what local reports indicated was a fire at a chemical plant, according to PBS. Governor John Bel Edwards warned residents in the area to stay inside and turn off their air conditioners for safety’s sake.

NOAA warned, as of 10 a.m. Thursday, that water levels would be high for hours all along the Gulf Coast, and waters weren’t expected to lower for days. Damaging winds were expected to continue through the evening, as well.

Sometime Wednesday Night or Thursday Morning, the Hurricane Toppled the Controversial Confederate Monument

Twitter users, including Davante Lewis and Andrew Beam, reported Thursday morning that the South’s Defenders Memorial Monument, outside the Calcasieu Parish Courthouse, had fallen to the hurricane’s winds.

Lewis noted that, just weeks before, the local government had voted 10-5 to keep the monument where it was, despite some public pressure to remove it.

“Hurricane Laura had other plans and brought it down herself,” he said.

Beam said, “I think some people may be happy about this,” although he urged people not to turn the event into a “political s**tshow.”

Another user referred to the statue’s toppling as a “silver lining” of the Category 4 storm.

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