Joe Rogan Pushes Ice Pick Through Arm in Wild Stunt [WATCH]

Joe Rogan

Getty Joe Rogan during the 4th Annual Spike TV 2006 Video Game Awards held at The Galen Center on December 8, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.

Podcast host and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan pushed an ice pick through the arm of world-renowned illusionist David Blaine during episode No. 1527 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Blaine was on the podcast promoting his next stunt. On August 31, the illusionist will attempt to float across the Hudson River by holding several balloons and the stunt will stream live exclusively on YouTube.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast was uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday and during the nearly 2.5-hour discussion, Blaine asked Rogan to stick an ice pick through his arm.

Blaine is known for his extreme tricks, and fans of his have seen him do this ice pick stunt in the past. Rogan, who was apprehensive, agreed to the trick.

As Blaine prepared for it, he informed Rogan that the push was going to be a “little more difficult” than normal. The illusionist said, “This is not a new ice pick. Usually, I do it with a new one which means this isn’t as sharp as it needs to be, so it means the push is going to be a little more difficult, I guess.”

Rogan replied with a tentative, “Oh boy.”

The podcast host started pushing the ice pick through Blaine’s arm, but the illusionist stopped Rogan abruptly as he had hit a nerve. Blaine told Rogan he needed to pick another spot, and the UFC commentator replied, “No no no. Come on, man.”

Rogan continued, “Listen, what if I f*** you arm up man and then you can’t hang from the balloon. And then YouTube’s mad at me.”

Blaine, who is laughing, gives Rogan the ice pick back and the podcast host successfully pushes the ice pick through Blaine’s arm.

Warning: the clip may be disturbing to some viewers, discretion is advised. Watch below:

Blaine Likens the Ice Pick Stunt to the Stunts of Late Performer Mirin Dajo

Mirin DajoThe incredible yogi, Mirin Dajo undergoing scientific tests of his amazing ability to withstand pain and physical trauma to his body. Swords and rapiers are pushed through his trunk and chest without bleeding or apparent injury. This is the real deal. No trick photography. No magic tricks. A stunning display that will make you think.…2011-11-07T00:45:13Z

Rogan asked Blaine a question that many are likely wondering: “Why do you enjoy this?”

Blaine answered, “It’s amazing that you can actually do something like this like it’s nothing.” The illusionist then likened the stunt to those of Mirin Dajo, a performer known for piercing his body with objects in extreme ways and without pain.

“So there’s this guy named Mirin Dajo,” Blaine said. “It’s this guy, and nobody believed he was doing it for real. He would take rapiers and he would have them push right through the middle of his body, through his lungs and everything. He would show on all sides and then they would pull them all out and he would be perfectly fine.”

Mirin Dajo, who was born in 1912, died at the age of 35 in 1948 after swallowing a steel needle. According to I Can’t Believe It’s NonFiction, the performer had the needle surgically removed, however he died three days later. Mirin Dajo’s cause of death was ruled a rupture of the aorta, which could have possibly been caused by the swallowed needle.

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