Austin Protests Live Stream: Watch Videos of Downtown Protests Online

Austin Protest

Getty People march in the street after a vigil for Garrett Foster on July 26, 2020 in downtown Austin, Texas.

Protests are taking place in Austin on Saturday night, August 1, exactly one week since Garrett Foster was killed in a shooting at an Austin Black Lives Matter protest. Rumors circulated early on that Antifa were planning to “scale buildings” during the protest, while photos circulated of armed conservatives getting ready to counterprotest. Here’s a look at live streams that show exactly what’s happening in Austin tonight.

Please note that since these are live streams, the videos can go down unexpectedly. Most streams will then be replaced with fully rewatchable videos a few minutes after the live-streaming ends.

Downtown Protest Live Streams

These series of live stream videos show what’s happening in downtown Austin on Saturday night. The first live stream below is from Fox 7 Austin.

Mike Marut of KVUE is not live-streaming, but he’s showing periodic videos on Twitter since he’s on the scene.

Note that some of these streams below may have a political slant in one direction or the other, as these mostly aren’t being shared by official news media, but by either independent journalists or people on the scene.

Here’s a live stream from Eli Sperow:

A Facebook group called Etcetera is streaming live tonight in downtown Austin. The current stream is below or here.

Hiram Gilberto was live-streaming the shooting in Austin last week when Foster was killed. He has been live-streaming off and on all night on Facebook here. The current live stream is below. If the stream is no longer live, check his Facebook here for his current live stream.

A group called “Copwatch ATX” is periodically sharing live streams on their Facebook page here. The most recent stream is below.

A Twitch stream called Woke is sharing streams of multiple feeds in Austin simultaneously, and you can watch those here.

Cesar Rocha was live streaming from downtown, but currently does not have a stream up. You can see his video from earlier below.

Rumors have been circulating that “armed Antifa” were planning to participate in the protests en masse tonight.

Austin American Statesman reported that mid- and high-rise properties in downtown Austin were warning residents about tonight and telling them to call 911 if they see anything suspicious. The Statesman said that buildings included in the warning were the Tyndall at Robertson Hill, AMLI Eastside, Eleven, and La Vista de Guadalupe.

KVUE also reported that the Texas DPS had received reports of people planning to disrupt peaceful protests in Austin this weekend.

The APD shared a statement with KXAN, noting that they were aware of the rumors and said:

We are bringing in the necessary staff, and have partnered with other local law enforcement agencies as we have done throughout the past few months, to allow for those peacefully and lawfully practicing their first  amendment rights while also working to prevent any violence or destruction of property.”

Some armed conservative groups have also been reported in the Austin area today, according to social media posts. The Facebook group “Come and Talk It” shared a photo of an armed group beneath I-35 near the Austin Police Department headquarters.

The Mike Ramos Brigade was also planning a protest on Saturday night. You can see the event page here. The event was in downtown Austin at 4th and Congress, where Garrett Foster was shot and killed. The event runs from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. and it’s called “Fight for Garrett and Brad! Protest Enemies of the People!”In a later post, the group said this was also a memorial.

KXAN reported that officers made some arrests near 4th and Congress on Saturday night, and some protesters were dispersed from the area as a police line pushed them back around 10 p.m.

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