Creek Fire Explodes to 73,000 Acres: See Map & Evacuation Updates

Creek Fire

Fresno Fire Department Creek Fire

The Creek Fire was only about 500 acres in size early on September 5 and it has since exploded to more than 73,000 acres in size as of Sunday, September 6. The fire prompted evacuations and briefly trapped a group of people at Mammoth Reservoir Lake. Here’s a look at the map and evacuation updates for this fast-growing fire. Remember that updates can change rapidly, so stay tuned to local news also for the latest evacuation details. To see other fires in the California region, see Heavy’s story here.

Creek Fire Map & Size

The fire in Fresno County started near Camp Sierra Road and Reddin Road, northeast of Shaver Lake. Cal Fire lists the blaze as being 36,000 acres and 0% contained, and Inciweb lists the same. However, Your Central Valley reported later in the morning on September 6 that the fire was now 45,500 acres in size. YourCentralValley has since reported on Sunday night that the fire is now 73,278 acres and 0% contained. The cause is under investigation.

You can see a map of the fire here.

You can see another map from Mapping Support here or below showing satellite hotspot data. Note that this data is usually about three hours old, so don’t use it for evacuation planning. If the map below doesn’t embed properly, you can view it here.

A crowdsourced map by FireMappers is below and here if the embed doesn’t work correctly.

According to a Creek Fire incident report, the fire is located on both sides of San Joaquin River near Mammoth Pool and the Shaver Lake, Big Creek, and Huntington Lake communities.

200 People Were Rescued from Mammoth Reservoir on Saturday

The Creek Fire trapped about 200 people near the Mammoth Pool Reservoir. They couldn’t evacuate and were told to shelter in place, even if they needed to get into the water to do so, Fresno Bee reported.

Here’s a map showing where Mammoth Pool Reservoir is located.

The people at the Mammoth Reservoir were later rescued, but many were injured, including 20 in potentially critical condition.

The Creek Fire is threatening nearby structures and communities.

A video below was shared by the Fresno Fire Department.

Creek Fire Evacuations

Your Central Valley reported the following evacuations the evening of September 6:

  • All of the Shaver Lake area
  • Huntington Lake area
  • Camp Sierra
  • Big Creek
  • Florence Lake
  • Ward Lake
  • Portal Forebay
  • Edison Lake
  • Mono Hot Springs
  • Kaiser and all campgrounds in the High Sierra area
  • Alder Springs
  • Mile High
  • Meadow Lakes
  • Big Sandy
  • Jose Basin
  • Italian Bar
  • Dinkey Creek
  • Wishon and Courtright Reservoirs
  • Area West of Tollhouse, along Auberry Road west to Powerhouse Road

Evacuation warnings are in effect for:

  • Cressman Road
  • Mono Wind Casino
  • Tollhouse Road at Peterson Road down to Lodge Road
  • Beal Fire Road

And in Madera County, per Your Central Valley, mandatory evacuations are in place for:

  • Italian Bar Road from Road 225 to Reddinger Lake
  • Kinsman Flat
  • Cascadel Woods
  • Mammoth Pool
  • Whisky Falls
  • Clover Meadow and Surrounding Campgrounds
  • Arnold Meadow
  • Minarets Work Center
  • Chiquito Campground
  • Beasore Road North to Clover Meadow
  • Huntington Lake
  • Big Creek
  • Beasore Meadows
  • Bass Lake Basin
  • Central Camp
  • North Fork
  • Sierra Sky Ranch (Road 632)

Evacuation warnings were also issued for parts of Mammoth Pool Trailer Park and Rock Creek and Fish Creek areas.

Madera County Sheriff’s Office has been sharing evacuation updates on Twitter.

An evacuation center has been set up at the North Fork Elementary School at 33087 Rd. 228, Sierra News Online reported. A temporary evacuation facility was also set up at Foothill Elementary School in Fresno County.

You can call the Red Cross’s hotline for shelter information at 572-595-7401.

Emergency Updates

Stay updated on the latest evacuation and fire size news through these sources below.

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