Lin Wood: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Defense Attorney Quits Twitter & Vows to Sue

Lin Wood

Getty/Apu Gomes Lin Wood, defense attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse

Lin Wood, the outspoken right-wing attorney representing accused Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, announced on Wednesday, September 2, that he was quitting Twitter over what he called “censorship” and would exclusively post updates on Rittenhouse’s case on the Parler app.

Wood also threatened to sue Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.

Rittenhouse is charged with two counts of homicide, as well as other criminal counts, after he traveled from Illinois, armed with an AR-15, to Kenosha amid civil unrest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Rittenhouse is accused of shooting three protesters, killing two.

Here’s what you need to know:

Wood Has Said That Rittenhouse Was ‘Falsely Accused’ of Murder & Has Been Fundraising for His Defense

kyle rittenhouse

FacebookKyle Rittenhouse

Wood has said in numerous tweets, and on Fox News on Monday, that Rittenhouse is innocent.

“The persecution of young Kyle Rittenhouse is a watershed moment,” Wood tweeted on August 30. “If we lose right to defend ourselves, we lose right to defend our country and freedom.”

He also referred to Rittenhouse as a “17-yer-old boy who helped others and had to fight for his life,” also vowing that Rittenhouse will be “exonerated” and “freed soon.”

In a statement, Wood and attorney John Pierce painted Rittenhouse as a civic-minded lifeguard and claimed he was helping to clean up graffiti in Kenosha when he received a call from a local business owner whose property had been burned and was requesting protection the day of the shootings.

“Kyle did nothing wrong,” Wood and Pierce wrote. “He exercised his God-given, Constitutional, common law and statutory law right to self-defense.”

Wood has a fundraising website set up for Rittenhouse’s defense, and other groups, including pro-gun organizations, had raised around $200,000 for the cause as of August 30, Fox News reported.

On September 1, Wood’s Twitter Account Was Temporarily Locked; He Called It Censorship & Moved to Parler

Lin Wood Parler

Parler screenshotLin Wood’s September 2 Parler post.

On Monday, Wood announced in dramatic fashion that Twitter had temporarily blocked him from tweeting, claiming Twitter accused him of “glorifying violence.”

“I was arrested today and confined in Twitter jail, falsely accused of glorifying violence,” Wood said. “I was exonerated this evening by a finding of ‘incorrectly actioned.’ I am free tonight.”

Then, on Parler — a Twitter alternative that posits itself as a “free speech” haven and is popular with the right wing, according to CNN — announced that he would not use the platform anymore.

“I was censored today on Twitter,” Wood said. “I focused there to take on the enemy on its battlefield. The enemy has now refused to engage me. I will now send my messages only from my Parler account. Home court advantage always helps increase the chances of winning.”

A Twitter spokesperson told Heavy, “the account was incorrectly actioned. This has been reversed and the account has been reinstated.”

Parler had 2.8 million users versus Twitter’s 300 million as of July, the Washington Post reported.

Wood’s announcement had nearly 8,000 up-votes and 3,000 comments on Parler as of Wednesday afternoon. His two most recent “Parleys” when he made the announcement claimed that Joe Biden has dementia and that President Donald Trump was “leading the fight for the survival of the country.”

His Twitter bio also includes the hashtag, popular with the QAnon conspiracy theory community, #WWG1WGA.

Wood Told Fox News on Tuesday That He Was Going to ‘Take Jack Dorsey’s Ass Down’

GettyTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

On Tuesday, Wood told Fox News that he intended to sue Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey for, he alleges, censoring conservatives on the platform

“I’m going to take Jack Dorsey’s ass down,” Wood told Fox News. “He has been abusing the First Amendment of this country for his own agenda.”

It was not the first time Wood has threatened to sue Dorsey, alleging that he was being censored on the Twitter platform.

“Twitter is heavily suppressing my account,” Wood said on August 2. “In my opinion, Twitter is violating federal law. I can also see a legal theory that, along with [Facebook and YouTube], there may be a critical enterprise … Soon, Jack, soon.”

A Twitter spokesperson had no comment on Wood’s lawsuit threat.

Heavy has reached out to Wood for further comment, but had not heard back as of Wednesday afternoon.

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