TikTok Ban Date: When Does the Ban Begin? How Does it Work?

TikTok Ban


TikTok and WeChat will soon be banned from U.S. app stores, as of a Friday proclamation from President Donald Trump. The popular Chinese-owned apps will be barred from U.S. app stores as of midnight on Sunday, according to The New York Times.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross provided a public statement on the drastic decision, saying, “Today’s actions prove once again that President Trump will do everything in his power to guarantee our national security and protect Americans from the threats of the Chinese Communist Party.” Ross provided more clarity on the upcoming change during an appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday. “The only real change as of Sunday night will be [TikTok users] won’t have access to improved apps, updated apps, upgraded apps or maintenance,” he said, per CNN. 

Naturally, many of app’s millions of users will likely wonder what that means for them, as they’ve already downloaded the app. Others may wonder how much time they have to download the app before it’s too late.

In response to the sudden news, TikTok provided a statement relaying the company’s disappointment with this decision. The statement reads, “Our community of 100 million US users love TikTok because it’s a home for entertainment, self-expression, and connection. and we’re committed to protecting their privacy and safety as we continue working to bring joy to families and meaningful careers to those who create on our platform.”

Here’s what you need to know:

You Can Download TikTok Until Midnight on Sunday — But You’ll Face Significant Challenges After that Date Even if You Have the App

For anyone who wants to have the TikTok app on their phone, you have until midnight on Sunday to download it from a U.S. store. However, it’s not just downloading the app that you need to do. In order for apps to run smoothly on smartphones, they need to process tech updates regularly — and once TikTok is banned from app stores, U.S. users will no longer be able to download updates for the app. This means that the current version of the app will soon be outdated and difficult to use, likely leading to glitches and malfunctions.

TikTok lovers should also mark November 12 as an important date on their calendar. If TikTok can’t work with the U.S. government to solve problems related to security concerns, then the app would be fully banned from U.S. users, the New York Times reports.

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