Trump Says Fox Booked Him for ‘Every Monday’ & Host Says Fox ‘Not Committed to That’

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Getty/Brendan Smialowski President Donald Trump at a Latinos for Trump event in September 2020.

President Donald Trump called into Fox & Friends on Tuesday, September 15, for one of his regular, sometimes news-making marathon chats on the conservative morning show.

However, Trump appeared to get a little ahead of himself as far as just how welcome he is on one of the country’s top-rated morning shows, resulting in a supremely awkward moment of television.

Host Steve Doocy found himself having to correct Trump at the tail end of a 47-minute interview when the president said that Fox had booked him to appear on the show “every Monday.”

Trump Said, ‘We’re Going to Do It Every Week; Every Monday, I Think They Said,’ Prompting an Awkward Correction by Doocy

At the close of a 47-minute phone conversation with the president, hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade thanked the president for his time, but appeared a bit stunned when Trump told them he would be appearing on the show every Monday.

“Mr. President, I think you broke a lot of news this morning,” Doocy said. “Thank you for starting your day with Fox & Friends.”

“OK, it’s been great. Thank you very much,” Trump replied, before Kilmeade interjected, “We’re going to do it every week?”

Doocy appeared taken aback.

“I look forward to it. Yep, we’re going to do it every week,” Trump said. “Every Monday, I think they said. And if we can’t do it on a Monday, we’ll do it on a Tuesday like we did today.”

Kilmeade nodded. “Sounds good.”

“Uh, Mr. President, thank you very much,” Doocy said. “You may want to do it every week, but Fox has not committed to that. We’re going to take it on a case by case basis.”

Then it was Kilmeade who looked surprised.

“And Joe Biden, as well, is always welcome to join us for 47 minutes like you just did,” Doocy continued.

Heavy reached out to Fox to see if there was any arrangement for Trump to appear weekly on the morning show, and a spokesperson pointed to Doocy’s comment that Fox was “not committed to that.”

Trump Also Told ‘Fox & Friends’ a Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Coming ‘In a Matter of Weeks’ — Anywhere Between 4 & 8 Weeks

Trump also told Fox & Friends that his administration is getting “very close” to a coronavirus vaccine. It could be a “matter of weeks,” he said, although those weeks could add up to two months.

“You know, it’s been incredible what we’ve done,” Trump said. “Because we’re going to have a vaccine in a matter of weeks. It could be four, it could be eight, but we’re going to have it. We’re getting very good results and it’s really looking good, and they’re great companies. Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, we have a lot of great companies. It’s not just one and they’re really doing good. It’s going to be soon.”

“If this were another administration, you would have been talking about two years — if you’re lucky — before you got to this point,” the president added.

There are three potential vaccines in Phase 3 trials, but Dr. Anthony Fauci this week said that a final candidate would most likely emerge by “the end of the year,” Newsweek reported.

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