The Bachelorette 2020 Winner: Who Wins the Season 16 Finale?

Tayshia Adams on 'The Bachelorette'

ABC/Craig Sjodin Tayshia Adams speaks with Chris Harrison before handing out her final rose.

Stop reading if you do not want to know spoilers for season 16 of The Bachelorette.

Tomorrow night is the finale of a historic season of The Bachelorette. When Tayshia Adams took over for Clare Crawley, she had 20 men vying for her heart. Now, she has just one rose left to give out.

While there has not been confirmation on who will receive her final rose, there seems to be only one likely scenario: Zac Clark.

As viewers saw, an early frontrunner, Brendan Morais, self-eliminated after realizing he was not ready so soon after his divorce. With him out of the running, it leaves Clark, Ivan Hall and Ben Smith who returned to win Adams back.

Reality Steve originally reported Adams leaves dating, but not engaged to, Clark. He admits, “I do not know how this season ends up.” However, he provided a few likely answers to some burning questions.

“I’d be shocked if Ben meets her parents and gets to final 2, but who knows? And I know she doesn’t pick Ivan. So it looks like that info I was given has a good chance of playing out, I just don’t have the greatest confidence in it,” wrote Reality Steve. “And as for whatever the ending was, is it still where we’re at right now? I don’t know. Considering most things I was told before the season that I spoiled ended up being right, I guess I would be surprised if Tayshia didn’t pick Zac in the end. It just makes no sense to pick Ben, and I know she didn’t pick Ivan.”

Despite Clark being the likely winner of her final rose, it remains in question if the two are still together.

Rumors Are Swirling Adams Is Now Dating Morais

As Morais was leaving this season, Adams admitted she expected him to be the one she would marry. This plays into early reports from Reality Steve that he left her heartbroken, but she decided to continue and picked Clark.

Now that the season has wrapped, it begs the question if her relationship with Clark could stand life outside The Bachelorette bubble.

Despite not being able to confirm it, Reality Steve is now sharing rumors that Adams has gotten back in touch with Morais after her relationship with Clark ended.

“Over the last month, I’ve had two different people tell me that Tayshia chose Zac [Clark] at the end, at some point after filming they broke things off and that she is currently back in touch with Brendan [Morais] and they are slowly working on a relationship,” Reality Steve wrote. He added, “I honestly have no idea if it’s true. And how can I put much confidence into it when I never got the confirmation I felt I needed to run with it?”

There Is No ‘After the Final Rose’

Fans should not hold their breath for a dramatic After the Final Rose. Despite being able to coordinate a Men Tell All, it seems the same cannot be said for the special after Adams crowns a winner.

“There is no ATFR tomorrow night. What does that mean? We don’t know. Whatever the outcome, I’m sure we will get some update on what’s happened post show,” said Reality Steve. “But due to COVID, I guess they figured doing a live ATFR was out of the question. Could have something to do with how everything ends up, could not. We just don’t know. Maybe they’ll address it after the fact.”

No matter how this season ends, it sure will be an interesting end to what host Chris Harrison might deem the most dramatic season ever.

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