Black Lives Matter Gun Training Event Held Near Sacramento, California

black lives matter gun training

Facebook Black Lives Matter gun training post.

The Black Lives Matter movement in Sacramento, California, wrote on Facebook that it is holding a gun training event to get people trained in firearms.

The BLM Sacramento Facebook page created an event called, “Sending Black Folks to Firearm Safety Training!” The event will be held on Sunday, November 22, 2020 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 5060 Roseville Rd, North Highlands, CA 95660-5121, United States. It’s listed as “sold out.”

The group says, “THIS IS FOR BLACK FOLKS (encouraging Black women to join us).”

Here’s what you need to know:

Black Lives Matter Sacramento Wrote That Firearms Training Is Needed Because ‘Nationalists Are Threatening Us’

The event’s summary reads:


2020 has shown us more than we would wish to see.

As Black folks we have learned that we are running out of resources when it comes to being protected. Police are killing us. White nationalists are threatening us. The president is supporting the nationalists.

We need to learn how to protect ourselves in a way that keeps us safe.

Most of us dont even like guns but we have been confronted with a harsh realization.

We will be working with California Firearm Safety, a Black owned business, to get 12 folks trained and certified on how to safely do the following:

1. How to hold a firearm
2. Loading ammo into a magazine
3. Cleaning a firearm
4. Storing and transporting a firearm
5. Gun safety in the presence of others
6. Picking the right handgun
7. The difference between a semi-auto pistol and a revolver
8. The difference between a rifle and a shotgun
9. Correct shooting stance


We encourage Black women to join us but welcome Black men too.

The BLM Group’s Founder Says ‘There Is Nothing Wrong With It’

“We need to be armed. There is nothing wrong with it,” said Black Lives Matter Sacramento founder Tanya Faison to CBS Local.

She added: “Get protection in these times when we know we cannot call the police for help and where we know that we need to stay safe because it is a really volatile time right now.”

The page has recently posted news articles on crimes, writing things like, “White on white crime! Who raises these young white men that attack their elders! Try and murder them! White folks need to be worried about this instead of worrying about Black folks trying to get free!”

A woman wrote on the comment thread of the group’s post on guns, “Why should only right wing kooks be allowed to carry guns and threaten human beings, but black folks not allowed to protect themselves and are called thugs if they have guns? I think it’s become a necessary evil.”

Black Lives Matter Sacramento explained on the comment thread, “The class has a limit of 15 people, so 3 more folks can go if they pay, but we are paying in advance so the money will need to be sent to us via our paypal, followed by an email, or comment in the event, saying that you paid. Once we verify we can get you in. We are making the event for this right now.”

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