How to Watch Julio Cesar Chavez Sr vs Hector Camacho Jr

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr vs Hector Camacho Jr watch

Getty Hector Camacho Jr.

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Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. and Hector Camacho Jr. will square off in an exhibition bout at the “Tribute to the Kings” on Saturday, June 19 at Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The fight card (in order: Omar Chavez vs Ramon Alvarez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Anderson Silva, Chavez Sr vs Camacho Jr) starts at 9 p.m. ET and can be watched via Fite PPV.

You may be able to order the PPV through your cable provider, but if you don’t have cable or you want to watch the fights on your computer, phone, Roku, Firestick, Apple TV or other streaming device, you’ll need to buy it through FITE. The PPV costs $39.99.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy and watch Chavez Sr vs Camacho Jr and all the fights on Saturday night:

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How to Buy Chavez Sr vs Camacho Jr Fight

Note: You need to sign up for a FITE account (it’s free) before you purchase the PPV, and you can only sign up for FITE through their app on your phone or other streaming device (and not on your computer)

  1. 1) Go here to buy the PPV
  2. 2) Select “Buy $39.99”
  3. 3) Sign in with your FITE account credentials
  4. 3b) If you don’t already have a FITE account, download the FITE app on your phone or streaming device and sign up for free
  5. 4) Enter your payment information to purchase the PPV
  6. 5) You can then watch the fights on the FITE website or FITE app

How to Watch Chavez Sr vs Camacho Jr

Once you’re signed up for FITE and have ordered the PPV, you can watch Chavez Sr vs Camacho Jr and all of the fights on the card via the FITE app on any of the following devices:

Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick
Roku or Roku TV
Apple TV
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Android TV
iPhone or iPad
Android phone or tablet

You can also cast the fight to select smart TV’s through the app on your phone, or you can watch on your computer via the Fite website.

More information an all of FITE’s compatible streaming devices can be found here.

Chavez Sr vs Camacho Jr Preview

The 42-year-old Camacho Jr. will take on the 58-year-old Chavez Sr., whose last significant fight was a decade and a half ago in 2005. This exhibition will consist of four two-minute rounds, and features the younger fighter going up against his father’s former foe.

Camacho, of course, is the son of the legendary Hector “Macho” Camacho, whom Chavez Sr. last fought in 1992.

“I felt a little scared towards myself, I know the danger I run,” Chavez said, per The Cleveland American, before getting a tad scary in his potential predictions. “It’s a scene, but my nose, with a bad pulse I may have a stroke, I have to be very careful, but I’m already accepted it, I’m already up to my neck, but now I have to pick up on how much or how little I have left a great Mexican champion,” the elder fighter said.

For his part, Camacho says he could be facing a lose-lose type of scenario with this fight.

“There’s no going back now. I’m in a no-win situation,” Camacho said about facing Chavez. “If I put it on him, then I beat an elder. If he looks good, then I’m not shit. But I’m relaxed now. Thinking about it, he is my father’s friend. He’s a legend, somebody who I looked up to. I’m just going to go off his energy. If he comes in to throw hard punches as if it was a fight, I will match his intensity.”

The two actually had a little face-to-face trash talk session at a pep rally to promote the event in Mexico recently, which only adds to the anticipation of this one.

“It’s fight time come Saturday. He didn’t like the fact that I called him old. And I wasn’t trying to hear his old stories of how great he is. I’m here for my father’s legacy and my legacy. I told him I love and respect his legacy. This is an exhibition, not a fight. So there was no need to push. I’m not trying to go in there and knock you out. I’ll leave that for one of your sons if they got balls to go in with me,” Camacho added.

Camacho’s most recent bout was back in May 2019 when he knocked Victor Abreu out.

Chavez Sr. last fought in September of 2020, when had a four-round exhibition against Jorge Arce in which he looked pretty impressive for a man pushing 60. He’ll have his work cut out for him here, to be sure.

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