READ: Claudia Conway’s Letter Explaining ‘Misleading’ Videos Goes Viral

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TikTok/Getty Kellyanne Conway's daughter Claudia Conway posted a letter on TikTok stating that she's "not the 'whistleblower' of our time."

Claudia Conway, the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, caught the media’s attention after revealing on October 2 that her 53-year-old mother had tested positive for coronavirus. Two days later, the 15-year-old revealed she had also tested positive for the virus. However, the young social media star is now recanting many of the statements she made on TikTok.

Most recently, Claudia insinuated that President Donald Trump‘s health was much worse than what the White House was reporting concerning coronavirus, and on Monday evening, October 5, Claudia posted a since-deleted video that showed her mother using obscenities toward her daughter. Conway says her daughter has “caused so much disruption. … You lied about your f****** mother about COVID?! About COVID?!” After Conway asks, “You’re taping me, again?” the video ends.

Now, Claudia wants to set the record straight. On Tuesday evening, Claudia posted a letter to her 1.1 million followers on TikTok to discuss her recent controversial videos and asked for everyone to leave “my family and me alone.”


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She wrote, “When I said that President Trump was not ‘doing better,’ I was, as many teenagers are, speculating and assuming. I have no ‘special’ insight into the President’s health status. I did not get any information from my mother. I wish the President and the First Lady great health and a speedy recovery.”

Claudia’s letter, which is posted three times on her TikTok account, has since garnered a total of nearly 2 million views.

Despite her mother’s former prominent job in Trump’s White House, Claudia has been extremely outspoken on social media about her negative views on the president. The pinned tweet on her official Twitter page reads, “reminder that a third-party vote is a vote for trump!! don’t feed into the fire. we must get him OUT. i am compelling my younger audience, if you can, to VOTE. every vote counts.”

On August 16, Claudia tweeted, “there is no one who hates @realDonaldTrump more than me.”

Claudia Defends Kellyanne Conway in Her Letter & Says They Are Enjoying Quarantine Together


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Because Claudia announced in August that she was pushing for emancipation, claimed that her mother had her arrested for making false statements online and hinted that she might be in danger at home, her letter on Tuesday evening, in which she wrote highly of her mother, appeared to many of her followers to be a red flag.

However, in bold lettering, she wrote, “I am currently quarantining and isolating with my mother. We are doing everything we can to stay healthy. We are going to enjoy our quarantine together away from social media.”

Claudia also recanted her statement about her mother initially lying about her coronavirus test. She wrote, “My mother did not lie to me. She has done everything in her power to ensure my safety and health and the safety of the rest of our family amdist her (and my) diagnosis.”

The night before Claudia posted her letter, Conway posted a response concerning her daughter’s TikTok videos. She tweeted, “My daughter, Claudia, is beautiful & brilliant. She has access to top doctors & health care & lives comfortably. Like all of you, she speculates on social media. Yet she’s 15. You are adults. We have COVID, but it’s clear who’s really sick.”

Director Judd Apatow retweeted Conway’s statement and said, “You are a monster who has contributed to the lies which murdered hundreds of thousands of people. Claudia is a bright light of truth who has the courage to call out the lies you have sold your soul to sell. I wish her the best life. She is already doing great things.”

Claudia Does Not Want to Be a Political Icon

Claudia Conway and Donald Trump

Instagram/GettyKellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia Conway shares her unfiltered thoughts on Donald Trump on TikTok.

Claudia’s letter starts, “It has come to my attention that my recent TikToks and comments have sparked intense controversy and uproar. This was not my intent. I am appalled at the mainstream media’s efforts to exploit a teenage girl, which is negatively affecting my mental health. I am not the ‘whistleblower’ of our time. I am simply a fifteen-year-old with a following and back luck when it comes to media coverage.”

Many of her social media followers just want to know that Claudia is okay. One person tweeted, “I feel for #claudiaconway I remember what it felt like to be 15. There is so much growth & development ahead, but I want to tell her to keep speaking her truth and I applaud her. @ClaudiaCowan1 you are stronger than you realize. I’m rooting for you.”

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